What Does The Freemasons “Square & Compass” Symbol Really Stand For?

The Masonic Square & Compass… Very well known, but very poorly understood, even by scholars. What secrets does it hold? What mysteries does it enshrine? The answer is, the Masonic Square & Compass relates a powerful ancient wisdom, now lost. It’s the symbol of man—of you and me. More specifically, it symbolizes both our outside and inside. But what exactly does that mean, our outside and inside? It means every human being is made up of two parts. There’s the part we see when we look in the mirror each day. But there’s also a part that we don’t see. The part you see is your body, but the part you don’t see is your soul. The Square symbolizes your body, the part you see. The Compass symbolizes your soul, the part you don’t see. When placed together, the Compass & Square is designed to teach us that we’re more than just the body (the part we see). Deep down underneath it all, we are an eternal soul (which we don’t see). It’s that simple, that powerful. This is not an opinion, not a hope, not a religion. It’s an eternal truth, a wisdom unchangeable. And it forms the basis … Continue reading What Does The Freemasons “Square & Compass” Symbol Really Stand For?