Inca Riddles: Futuristic Ruins In The Primitive Past

The amazing technology of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures of the Andes in Peru always shocks and awes modern-day travelers. The Incas and pre-Incas understood and mastered the science behind brain surgery, genetically altered food, incredible engineering marvels, sophisticated astronomical wisdom and colossal geo-glyphs visible only from the sky: How did these “primitive” peoples develop such futuristic capabilities? The answer can be found in their advanced spiritual wisdom, which has not yet been deciphered or decoded by Western scholars and archaeologists. This advanced spiritual wisdom accelerated their cultural growth to a height completely unimaginable by 21st century thinkers and

Artificially Straightened Rivers

It’s a little known and unexplainable fact that the Incas straightened entire sections of streams and rivers, including a two-mile span of the meandering and often turbulent Urubamba River:

Above: Two photos showing two separate spans of the artificially-straightened Urubamba

Massive, Endless & Incredibly Straight Superhighways

The Incas also built massive, endless super-highways along much of South America’s West Coast—roads that go on and on for endless miles, and that appear so eerily straight they seem scribed by the hand of a giant architect.

Above: Pre-Inca roads transformed into a modern-day Peruvian highway. The line runs eerily straight for miles, almost to the horizon!space

Advanced Brain Surgery

By the 1300s, the Incas has become experts at brain surgery and were performing operations on the skull at a much higher success rate—better than 85 percent—than later surgeons in Europe, who were lucky to save 25 percent of their patients.

Above: Inca and pre-Inca examples of successful brain

Ingenious Stone Terraces

The Incas were also exceptional horticulturalists. Their ingenious stone terraces tamed the steep Andean slopes, transforming precipitous terrain into fertile farmland. In many cases, entire mountains were terraced, including 13,000 ft. high Peruvian slopes:

Above Left and Right: Terraces at Machu Picchu. Right: Llama decorations created by stones
in the terraces at Choquequirao.

Terracing technology, along with a permanent system of irrigation, the selection of seeds, and the invention of a calendar for planting and harvesting, provided ideal conditions for the genetic manipulation of food—another enigma. By some estimates, more than half of the foods the world eats today were developed on the terraces of Andean farmers, including 20 varieties of

Impossible Architecture

Another amazing accomplishment can be seen in the hundreds of architectural stone masterpieces the Incas created. One example is the legendary Sacsayhuaman, a breathtaking archaeological site made with megalithic stones precisely cut and placed in ominous jigsaw-like patterns called “polygonal.”

Left: The gigantic stones of Sacsayhuaman. One stone block is 28 ft. high and weighs 300 tons (same weight as 300 cars). Right: The Stone of Twelve Angles. More than a ‘structural’ purpose, what ‘symbolic’ meaning does this artwork hold?

Spanish chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega was so amazed he said Sacsayhuaman seems to have been “made by some form of magic—built by demons rather than men!” Conquistador Francisco Pizarro’s secretary Pedro Sancho remarked that anyone seeing the site’s massive stones and ominous geometric patterns “would say that they cannot have been placed there by human hands.”space

Mysterious Nazca Lines

Another mystery is the strange “Nazca Lines,” massive geo-glyphs etched as if by giants onto the arid moonscape of Peru’s southern desert. More than 15,000 geometric and animal-like patterns criss-cross the pampas like a vast puzzle. Incredibly, their forms can only be discerned from high in the air, leaving scholars mystified as to how—and why—such precision was completed long before the documented invention of human flight.

Above: Nazca shapes etched into the pampa include a monkey, bird and

Enigmatic Carved Effigies

Yet another mystery lies in the unique and now-famous mountain plateau called Markawasi, 80 km northeast of Lima. Geologically unlike any of the surrounding Andes, Markawasi is home to a mysterious stone forest comprised of a series of enigmatic and massive carved effigies, including mind-boggling winged sphinxes, elephants, camels, and other animals, many of which never existed on the continent.

One example is shown below:

Above: The so-called “Face of Time” (i.e., the “Monument of Humanity”), a 60-foot tall sphinx-like stone sculpture of a young man whose visage slowly ages as the sun transits the sky. The image draws a symbolic parallel to the day “aging” from the sun’s rise to the sun’s evening

Architecture With Seemingly Magical Properties

Another enigma exists in how the Incas and pre-Incas captured natural forces in their buildings and landmarks, giving the appearance of magic.  In the 2 minute video shown below (taped by the present writer at Ollantaytambo, Peru, in 2002) we catch a glimpse of this apparent magic, which marks evidence of a high technology. As you can see, the mere touch of a finger inexplicably displaces the water’s flow, an oddity that awes and perplexes modern visitors!

Above: The magic fountain at Ollyantaytambo.

The Incas had no written language, no iron tools, no wheeled vehicles, no cranes or lifting devices. But, somehow, between the years 1000 and 1532 AD, they created a metropolitan and agricultural empire that encompassed more than half the West Coast of South America. At its peak, Tawa-Inti-Suyu, or Land of the Four Quarters, as the Incas called their kingdom, was the largest on Earth.

Who were these mysterious master stonemasons and builders, and why does their bizarre technology look like something from the distant future, rather than the primitive past?space

Inheritors Of An Advanced Legacy

The answer is, the Incas were the inheritors of a rich ancestral tradition that stretched back many generations and even thousands of years. The Incas and the pre-Incas before them possessed a high spiritual wisdom the depth and power of which is unknown to modern Western cultures. Their advanced spirituality endowed the Incas with what we might today describe as “superhuman” skills and abilities, including psychic power, clairvoyance, mind of matter, self-healing and an understanding of the laws of gravity, nature and astronomy that has not yet been uncovered in our “modern” civilization.

(It should be noted that the ancient high spiritual wisdom of Europe—the pan-European pre-Christian Pagan wisdom—was similar to the Andean wisdom described here. However, Europe’s ancestral wisdom was forbidden during the period in Christian Europe called “dark ages,” when Europe’s peoples suffered both cultural and spiritual deterioration following the decline of Rome. Consequently, we in the West have lost the tradition, it having been supplanted by basic Christianity.)

For the Incas, the art of awakening the hidden spiritual powers latent within every human being was looked upon as a potential we all possess. Furthermore, it was believed that as humans it is our duty to unlock this potential. Any modern shaman in Peru will tell you this. The art and duty of fulfilling our spiritual potential was known under different names, phrases and analogies, one of which was the “Awakening of the Puma.”

Inca and pre-Inca monuments all over the Sacred Valley of the Incas record “in stone” this spiritual act of awakening the puma. Look at the image below. This single massive monolith (both photos show the same monolith from different angles) stands at the modern-day archaeological site of Qenko, Peru, not far from the once-great Inca capital city of Cuzco. On June 21st (the day of the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) sunlight hits the monolith and casts an almost wolf-like shadow against the massive rock outcrop behind it, an absolutely breathtaking phenomenon called “the Awakening of the Puma” by native guides and shamans.

Above: Archeological monument that records the “awakening of the puma” in stone.

At the same time, and at the same archaeological site, sunlight strikes two stone circles (below left) located atop a prominent part of the outcrop, and forms another “Awakening of the Puma.”

Above: The awakened Puma published by a native Andean guide, James Arevalo Merejildo (Chaski), in his book The Awakening of The Puma.

Fascinating! But what exactly does the awakening of the puma mean? What once happened or regularly happens on this particular day that the Incas regarded as sacred?

Native shamans and guides say the awakening of the puma is a reference to the awakening of greater intuitive faculties inside every human being that allow us to achieve and maintain for long periods of time higher levels of consciousness. These faculties are awakened, according to the shamans and guides, by a kind of “alignment” between our outer, material bodies (lower self) and our inner, eternal, spiritual souls (higher Self).

The Incas had awakened the puma, which means they were empowered by these higher faculties. They recognized their inner eternity and divinity and were thus able to create monuments that, even to this day, many, many years after their creation, still leave visitors with the same curious look of awe in their faces and wonder in their eyes.

“Awakening the Puma” is similar to the Eastern concept of awakening our Third Eye, a method of self-illumination whereby one “sees” the higher Self (the soul) within the physical body (lower self) by balancing the opposites. By awakening the puma within you, you are awakening your true Self (capital “S,” which stands for the “soul”) and seeing past your false self (lowercase “s,” which stands for the “body”). We all have the potential within us to “awaken the puma,” and when we do so we begin to operate not from the standpoint of the lower self (i.e., “I’m a powerless and temporary animal living on a planet”) but from the standpoint of the higher Self (i.e., “I’m a powerful and eternal god living in heaven but having a dream that I’m a powerless and temporary animal living on a planet”).

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

Operating from this higher standpoint endows us with the ability to realize that we are each a divine “god” already, and that we have special powers—powers that no mortal man or woman possesses. The “Christs” and “Buddhas” of history recognized this. They recognized their godhood while on earth. To a lesser degree there were many who approach the same level as Christ / Buddha. In recent memory, Ghandi comes to mind, and so does Napolean, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln; all of them were familiar with the spiritual principles underlying the Master Path.

This high wisdom and spirituality has become lost in our modern world, save for some aspects of the Eastern religions and save for a few signs and symbols still retained by many Western secret societies (like the Freemasons); yet if we look to the ancient cultures that are native to every land, they all once possessed the wisdom and instruction. Modern “religions” tend to disguise the vast wisdom of the native cultures, and so we have lost the ability once held by our ancestors, which inevitably leads to the high technology of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures.

It is the opinion of the present author that modern institutions of every kind (i.e., banks like the Federal Reserve Bank, big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, big corporations like Macy’s, organized religions like Catholicism, and places of higher learning like universities) exist to prevent us from rediscovering this true wisdom. A certain villainous elite has control right now of the ancient secrets, but they are not sharing them with the populace. They are instead using the symbols and the wisdom as tools against us, with the goal being to economically and mentally enslave the masses (via the banks, big pharmaceutical companies, the spread of mass consumerism, religion, and a dumbed-down and misguided education system).

When men and women everywhere finally realize the true eternal and divine power we hold within, then these malevolent institutions will lose their leverage. People will realize they don’t need big pharma, because they already have the power to heal within them; they will realize they don’t need to buy all the latest clothes and accessories from Macy’s to make them happy; that they don’t need a priest or bishop to commune with their divinity; that an education is not based on “getting a high-paying job” but something deeper and more rewarding; and that we have been made to live in a society that in many respects lacks the unifying spirit of “love” and “cooperation,” these having been replaced by the divisive forces of “fear” and “competition.”

For more, read Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture



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