Europe’s Prehistoric (“Triptych”) Trinity Religion Occulted By Christianity

You Are About To Learn True Secrets Most People Will Never Know About How Christianity’s “HOLY TRINITY” Is A Hoax Created To Cover Up A More Ancient And Powerful “THREE-IN-ONE” Trinity Religion Once Spread Across Europe

Celtic Trinity Symbol

These Ancient SYMBOLS OF THREE All Point

That Was Long Ago Covered-Up
By The Catholic Church


Dear World Explorer:

Look closely at the Pagan “Three-In-One” symbols in the image above.

Together they relate never-before-seen evidence that shows how ancient Europeans all celebrated the same pre-Christian “Three-In-One” religion.

 These symbols also indicate that the Church’s “Holy Trinity” concept is an intentional hoax and a deception—created to cover-up this more ancient Pagan Three-In-One religion.

Skull And Bones Secret Society

Traditional history tells us that the Holy Trinity—the unity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit as three persons in one divine “Godhead”—was conceived at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, convened by Rome’s Emperor Constantine.

The council’s purpose was purportedly to have theologians meet to discuss and agree on “God’s” true nature.

But, what we are not told is that the new idea of the “Holy Trinity” that this council created, purportedly God’s true divine nature, was founded for the purpose of covering up another, far more ancient and more powerful Three-In-One religion:

  • A Three-In-One teaching at the heart of Pagan belief
  • A Three-In-One teaching far more potent and self-empowering than Christianity
  • A Three-In-One teaching once spread across Europe (and the world)
  • Three-In-One teaching so ingrained it initially prevented Christianity from taking hold

This ancient Three-In-One religion was a self-empowering body of wisdom that endowed Europe’s masses with legendary sixth-sense faculties.

It gave believers the mystical ability to tap their inner power of intention, call into action the will, educate the senses, and perfect the physical constitution.

It also endowed them with the fabled ability of mind over matter.

A people thus enabled are naturally difficult to influence and nearly impossible to control.

Hence the desire of the Church founders—whose goal has always been to gain hegemony over the masses—to eliminate this ancient magical wisdom from the continent, giving them a firmer base to establish their new Christian religion and uproot the existing belief systems.

Sound crazy? Perhaps it does. But recall the story of St. Patrick in Ireland.

He famously converted all the old Irish pagans to the new Christianity by using their most important religious symbol—the three-leaf Shamrock.

 The three-leaf Shamrock was the central icon of their age-old Three-In-One Pagan religion.

When St. Patrick asked the Irish if the Shamrock was one leaf or three, they replied, “It is both one and three.”

Patrick then concluded, “So it is with God.”

Holy Trinity Symbol

Clearly, hidden within this story of St. Patrick’s conversion tactics is explosive evidence of a cover-up—evidence that Christianity’s Holy Trinity is a man-made concept.

Christianity needed a way to insert and supersede the existing Pagan religion; the Church founders did so by co-opting the Pagan symbolism, replacing it with a manufactured symbol of their own making.

It is a process known to experts as “syncretism”, and in this case it was expertly and purposely executed to divert the attention of ancient Pagan peoples away from their much older Three-In-One religion once symbolized by the Shamrock (in Ireland).

This older Three-In-One teaching was not confined to Ireland, and not confined to the Shamrock.

It was spread throughout the entirety of ancient pre-Christian Europe, even the world:

“The number three is important in all early Indo-European cultures”

—Sabine Heinz, Celtic Symbols

“Numbers are used as mystic symbols in all ancient religions….All…lay great stress on the mystic number three.”

—The Humanitarian review, Volume 4

“…the doctrine of a Trinity, in some form or other, seems to lie at the basis of all the ancient and celebrated systems of religion…What is there in the number three, which gave occasion to employ it so often and to such a wide extent, among the most ancient nations…?”

—Moses Stuart, A Commentary on    the Apocalypse, Volume 2

You can see these symbols on the map of ancient Europe below.Not long ago, I found the symbols of ancient Europe’s lost Three-In-One religion—a discovery that has thus far eluded scholars.

Each triangular-shaped symbol signifies a Three-In-One concept:

Trinity Symbols



These triangular symbols indicate that before Christianity there existed a single Three-In-One religion that appears to have once flourished throughout the entire European continent.

Each local area had its own triangular Three-In-One symbol; yet all appear to point to the same universal Three-In-One tradition:

The prehistoric Druids revered the Shamrock, a triangular THREE-IN-ONE symbol: Fleur De Lis Symbol
The prehistoric Celtic Triquetra depicts THREE geometrical shapes united as ONE:
The archaic Fleur-De-Lis shows THREE distinct flowers united as ONE:
The age-old “Odin’s Horn” shows THREE intertwined horns united as ONE:
The German Trefot depicts THREE feet united as ONE:
The ancient Trinacrian or Sicilian Trinacria depicts THREE legs running as ONE:

These symbols indicate a link between northern, southern, eastern and western Europe.

Specifically, for thousands of years these Three-In-One symbols were revered as magical, mystical, powerful… until the Catholic Church turned all of them into emblems of the Holy Trinity.

Actually, “turned them into emblems of the Trinity” is putting it mildly.

For centuries the Church brutally eradicated ancient Europe’s Pagan Three-In-One tradition and installed the concept of the Holy Trinity in its place.

To facilitate the convincing of the masses to accept the new religion and doctrine, the Church transformed these icons into emblems of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

A memory of the true meaning of the Three-In-One religion is still with us today, as we associate symbols like the Fleur-de-lis and Triquetra with “magic” and “mysticism.”

Just think of the popular TV show Charmed, which is spot-on in its depiction of the Triquetra as a symbol of the supernatural:

Power of Three Symbol

Incredibly, there is a record of the continuance of the prehistoric Three-In-One religion, even long into the centuries during the ascendancy of Christianity

This memory of the Three-In-One religion became the central focus of Secret Societies, and one Secret Society in particular: The Freemasons.

The Freemasons not only took over the triangular symbols of ancient Europe’s three-in-one tradition (like the Triquetra and Fleur De Lis), they also took over the Triangle itself.

masonic triangle building

 Masonic “illuminated triangle” encoded in architecture.

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