The Sports Conspiracy: Americans Mass Controlled & Enslaved

One way the big corporations (i.e., the Elite) have hijacked America is by “distracting” and “dumbing down” the masses through sports entertainment. This may explain why the corporate logos of America’s most influential national sports leagues―baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), football (NFL), and hockey (NHL)―all mysteriously share the same parallel occult symbolism and esoteric iconography.

Note the similarities in the logos of these two major sports leagues.
Is this merely coincidence?

We all know sports are fun to play and fun to watch. But is there a darker, hidden agenda behind sports entertainment in America today?

Sports “fans” (short for “fanatics”) are everywhere. They hail from all socio-economic backgrounds. And they’ve been multiplying for decades. We all  know a sports fanatic. He knows every player of every team, and he knows exactly what happened in every game played since the beginning of recorded time―baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

For him, sports are more than entertainment―they’re his reason for living. With each new generation of Americans the number of sports “fanatics” increases exponentially:

“Sports are big business. Combined, the “Big 4” leagues in America, the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), bring in about $24 billion in revenue during a typical year, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

…the sports industry is so complex, including ticket sales, licensed products, sports video games, collectibles, sporting goods, sports-related advertising, endorsement income, stadium naming fees and facilities income, that it’s difficult to put an all-encompassing figure on annual revenue.”


But is the rise of sports fanaticism a natural phenomenon? Or have sports fans been “trained” (or, better, “socially engineered”) to crave sports? Has sports “fanaticism” been created by the corporate “powers-that-be” (the Elite) to distract Americans away from the pillaging of our rights and freedoms, the dumbing down of our children, the raping of our wealth, and the increasing police state these Elite are setting up in America?

Think about it. Stage magicians “fool” audiences by using “distraction” techniques; these magicians are masters at “diverting” audience attention and focusing it elsewhere while they perform their magic trick.

In this same way, the Elite seem to be using Sports entertainment to draw the attention of Americans away from the fact that slowly but surely these Elite are brainwashing us, as well as deleting, erasing and destroying all of our constitutional freedoms and our natural human rights.

Sports fans spend endless time watching sports, and endless amounts of money on
merchandising (hats, jerseys, tickets, balloons, etc.). Simultaneously, American
freedoms are dwindling, taxes are increasing, corporate cronyism is growing,
American aggression overseas is rising, and we’re becoming a police state.
That’s not something to cheer about.

In many ways a sports fanatic is enslaved. It’s not difficult to see the similarity between a “couch potato” sports fanatic and an imprisoned circus lion or elephant. Both a circus lion/elephant and a sports fanatic have been trained to forget their freedom and natural habitat; both have abandoned their true nature only to dance and jump through hoops as dictated by their trainers/masters; both have accepted their enslavement and are a shadow of their former glory.

Like enslaved circus animals, sports fanatics spend a large fraction of their lives
chained to a system they didn’t create, a system they don’t control, and one that in many
ways has stolen their freedom. They are entangled in a soap opera without end.

You’re crazy! Sports aren’t bad! They are thrilling, healthy, and they bring America together!

True, sports aren’t bad in and of themselves. There are some positive things about sports entertainment in America, obviously. But do the negatives outweigh these positives? Remember, this article is not a tirade against sports themselves or sports fans as people. Sports are great, insofar as they are thrilling, fun, exciting, inspirational. Similarly, banks are great, insofar as banks are a safe place to store money. Drug companies are great too, insofar as drug companies are a place to develop cures for diseases.

But the trouble creeps in when bankers start to control the economy by inflation/deflation, drug companies start to invent diseases so they can profit by providing the cures, and sports entertainment starts to distract Americans away from having any desire to stop America from becoming an enslaved police state, controlled by corporate dictators.

This is America, a capitalist country! Americans demand Sports entertainment! The big leagues are only giving the people what they want! It’s harmless!

I don’t buy that.

Think of it this way: The Elite use Hollywood to create movies that appeal to the masses. These movies are exciting, engaging and entertaining―but they come with a hidden message that’s detrimental to the masses, though most people don’t realize it. The masses do not demand the hidden message, they demand the movie. But the hidden message comes with it anyway.

Here’s an example: Popular movies depict a “good” guy (Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, ad infinitum)  vs. a “bad” guy (Willem Dafoe, Billy Drago, Michael Madsen, ad infinitum). The movie is setup so that we “love” the good guy and “hate” the bad guy. It’s designed so that we “root” for the good guy and hope he kills the bad guy.

There is a hidden message here: We’re being “trained” to think in terms of “good vs. evil” so that everything in our lives becomes a “good vs. evil” contest―even a simple traffic incident. That bad guy in our lives thus becomes not just “a human being like us who we are simply momentarily at odds with” but a “complete devil” who is “absolute, 100%, unadulterated evil” and deserves nothing short of death. That jackass tailgating you on the highway―he’s evil. Those bastards from the south side―they’re evil. That son of a bitch who is staring at you too long in the subway―he’s evil. That bitch employee at Geico who put you on hold for too long―she’s evil.

They all deserve to die―or so a little voice inside tells us. This is because we’ve been trained to think in terms of “good vs. evil,” “right vs. wrong,” “us vs. them,” and so on.

Hollywood movies teach Americans to shoot and kill the bad guy.
With two guns if possible.

The result is a society comfortable with “killing evil.” And this necessarily means a self-righteous society filled with fear, anger, and hatred. A “sense of entitlement” society on-edge, stressed, and fear-based. High-strung like anything.  Scared and distrustful of each other. Eager to go to war. Perhaps most importantly, a society that is divided against itself (divided they fall).

Now, just as the Elite own Hollywood and use movies to disseminate these hidden messages, so these same Elite seem to own the Sports entertainment industry, and they seem to be using Sports entertainment to push a hidden agenda.

What hidden agenda are the Elite pushing through Sports entertainment?

Whereas the job of Hollywood is to “set the tone” of America (with Hollywood execs being “propaganda ministers”) the job of sports is to “eat the clock.” That is to say, the masses need a distraction, something that keeps their attention, keeps them occupied and engaged for long periods of time―like entire “seasons.” The attention of Americans needs to be on “the big game tonight” or the “big series this week” or “the playoffs”―rather than on “the anti-Monsanto rally” this weekend, or the rally against that “corrupt cop who beat up that handcuffed black teen.” By eating the clock, Sports entertainment keeps people down, and minimizes the amount of time people have to engage in social dissidence. You see?

In this sense, sports are more detrimental than movies; a single movie only lasts a couple hours. But sports last all season long, even all lifetime long―the lifetime of the sports fanatic. Sports “leagues” in this scenario (like the MLB) can be likened to “movie companies” (like Paramount Pictures). Each league is trying to put out a better “movie” to engage more viewers, make more money, and ultimately achieve the main task at hand, which is the long-term distraction of the masses.

Even more insidious, the viewers of this movie are invited to participate in the movie by buying all the merchandise and “becoming” a part of the movie. They buy sports jerseys and hats. They take part in pre-game tailgating rituals, post-game celebrations, and championship victory parades. They become part of the show themselves. And they love it. They are totally engaged. They are so engrossed they forget themselves. They forget everything. They only want to follow the sport. And this is exactly what the Elite wants! A nation of followers.

—And if you don’t think sports are subtly fixed by the Elite to achieve precisely this end (with games being “setup” or “contrived” to squeeze every ounce of drama out of each season to ensure fans remain committed―just like professional wrestling is pure drama and carefully scripted entertainment) then you may want to look back in history:

“Say it aint so, Joe.”

―Famous Quote Indicating Sports “Fixing” Has Been Happening For Almost 100 Years

In other words, the rise of “sports fanatics” and the skyrocketing revenues of sports entertainment…are happening on purpose. The same Elite group, it seems, are profiting off the sports leagues they’ve created while at the same time creating a mass hysteria whereby Americans are more interested in watching sports than they are interested in stopping―or even recognizing, goddammit―the hijacking of America.

The fact that the sports league logos look very much the same is indicative that the same Elite group is behind them. Just look at the MLB and the NBA logos:

There’s no reason why the two logos of these two leagues should look the same. But they do. The people and entities who own the MLB league are certainly not the same people and entities who own the NBA league―at least not on the surface. But could it be possible that deep down, hidden from our view, the same Elite are behind them? Like the blood that unites them?

“The casino you’re interested in―the registered owners are Jacob Lawrence, Allen Barclay. They’re both Beverly Hills Attorneys. The real owners are the old Lakeville Road group from Cleveland, and our friend in Miami.”

―From The Godfather II

It should be noted that the MLB and NBA league logo design―an athlete in white silhouette flanked by red and blue colors―is based on an ancient drawing, and it has a powerful effect on the human psyche. Both logos:

•    share the same patriotic red, white, and blue colors
•    depict an athlete in motion and in white silhouette, flanked by red and blue
•    have four rounded edges instead of pointed corners
•    show action , movement

There is an ancient symbol that the MLB and NBA logos mimic. It’s called the Taijitu, popularly known as the Yin/Yang symbol. Few Americans realize how powerful this icon really is or what this ancient Chinese symbol stands for:

The basic idea here is that the Universe and everything inside it is made of equal and opposing energies and forces. Yin is primarily present in the moon, the night, cold, female energy, and heaviness. Yang is primarily present in the opposites of these things, namely in the sun, the daytime, heat, male energy, and lightness. And since every force has an opposite, and also contains a bit of its opposite within itself, male energy contains female energy, female energy contains male energy, night contains a bit of day in it, day a bit of night, and so on. So the universe goes—ultimately interconnected.

Now, pay close attention to the “S” swirl. It divides yin from yang. It’s called the “sigmoid” line. This sigmoid line denotes “motion” insofar as yang and yin are not only mutually interdependent but also “flow into” each other (i.e., day “flows” into “night” and back again, just as summer “flows” into “winter” and back again).

“The sigmoid line is a symbol of the movement…of perpetual motion…”

―William Stewart, Imagery and Symbolism in Counseling

“A Chinese symbol of the dual distribution of forces…It takes the form of a circle bisected by a sigmoid line, and the two parts so formed are invested with a dynamic tendency which would be wanting if the division were by a diameter.”

―J.E. Cirlot, A Dictionary of Symbols

The Yin/Yang uses the colors BLACK and WHITE. But the MLB and NBA logos use RED (hot/fire) vs. BLUE (cold/water). This is because RED and BLUE are naturally opposing colors, just like fire and water are naturally opposing elements.

The “sigmoid line” takes the form of a player that divides the twin opposing sides. In the MLB he is playing baseball. In the NBA he is playing basketball. Just as the sigmoid line in the Yin/Yang denotes “motion,” so in these sports league logos the player that divides the two opposing colors also denotes motion.

Overall, the colors red, white, and blue are America’s colors, the colors of our nation and our flag. They evoke our patriotism, which in turn evokes feelings of “us vs. them”―a perfect emotion to evoke considering the adversarial nature of competition (just like the adversarial nature of yin and yang).

Now, here’s where it gets a bit fishy: Since its adoption, the basic model of an athlete or equipment used for the sport in silhouette flanked by red and blue has been incorporated into the logos of countless leagues and associations:

•    National Basketball Association
•    Women’s Basketball Association
•    American Hockey League
•    National Lacrosse League
•    Indy Racing League
•    Major League Gaming
•    Major League Eating
•    National Women’s Soccer League
•    Minor League Baseball
•    United States Tennis Association
•    Major Indoor Soccer League
•    North American Boxing Council

Here are some examples:

Women’s National Basketball Association Logo.


American Hockey League Logo.


National Lacrosse League Logo.


Indy Racing League Logo.


Major League Gaming Logo.


National Women’s Soccer League Logo.


Minor League Baseball Logo.


National Pro Fastpitch Logo.


Major Indoor Soccer League Logo.


North American Boxing Council Logo.


Grand-Am Road Racing Logo.

There’s no reason why all these logos should follow the same basic concept. But they do. There is no official “central agency” that oversees all of America’s sports leagues or anything like that, not a governmental office that oversees American sports or anything of the kind:

“No American government agency is charged with overseeing sports.”


Are these similar sports logos, then, just coincidence? Or is there a subversive reason behind it? Is there some type of long-term strategy happening here that we are not aware of? Are these logos being branded in the minds of the masses, so that “Sports Entertainment” in general grows and grows, encompassing a greater role in American society?

Continuing with the Yin/Yang symbolism, the sports leagues themselves are often divided into a Yin/Yang type drama. In MLB, this takes the form of the American League vs. National League drama. The winner of each league faces each other in the World Series. The symbol for interleague competition certainly evokes the Yin/Yang symbol:

See the basic Yin/Yang symbolism in this logo? The designers have obviously borrowed from the ancient Taijitu symbol.

The NFL has a similar setup. The American Football Conference (AFC) is one of the two conferences of the NFL. This conference and its counterpart, the NFC, currently contain 16 teams each, making up the 32 teams of the NFL. The teams within each conference battle, and the winner of each conference battle it out in the Super Bowl, a corporate spectacle:

Note how the AFC’s color is red, which signifies hot and fire.
Note how the NFC’s color is blue, which signifies cold and water.

It should also be noted that more than a handful of sports league logos take the form of a “shield,” and this is for a very specific reason:

American Basketball Association Logo.


Arena Football League Logo.


United States Tennis Association Logo.

American National Rugby League Logo.

USA Swimming Logo.

We also see the “shield” logo in the NFL and the NHL logos, the two other major sports leagues in America today. While they do not resemble the MLB and NBA logos, the NFL and NHL logos do resemble each other. Both logos depict a “shield,” which is an ancient and powerful symbol long used by our ancestors.

The NHL and NFL logos are parallel insofar as both are “shield” symbols.
The shield is a very ancient design that taps into our primal nature.
The shield was once absolutely vital for the survival of human beings.
As a result, the shield is still “ingrained” in our (human) race memories and genes.

You can read here about how psychologist Carl Jung believed that ancient symbols, like the shield, attract us. The shield, having been a part of human history for thousands of years, is “imprinted” in our race memories. It reminds all of us humans of “protection,” and it elicits emotions connected to war, fighting, and battle, even if we as individuals have not had a personal experience with the shield.

Usually paired with the sword, the shield evokes in our minds heroic concepts of invincibility. It gives us the feeling of a “superman” type of human being who is powerful, mighty, and can take on any task or foe, not unlike the comic book hero Superman. There’s a reason the Superman logo is an “S” symbol depicted inside a shield:

Superman “shield” logo.

“The Superman shield, also known as the Superman logo is the iconic emblem for the fictional DC Comics superhero Superman. As a representation of the first superhero, it served as a template for character design decades after Superman’s first appearance.”


The shield represents both protection and the conquest of enemies. The shield attracts sports fans because it allows the sports fans “mind” to “enter” the game, such that he/she are now “fighting” to win; fighting the enemy and defending themselves against the enemy.

This may sound ridiculous, but the shield symbol indeed has this kind of tremendous power on the human psyche. It controls our minds in a stronger way than most people realize. It appears again and again in countless logos of modern day corporations. It stretches back much further than that, however, appearing many hundreds of years ago in family crests, national Coats of Arms, and national symbols. Here are a small handful of examples:

Shield logos.

The NFL and NHL shield logos have thus been very carefully chosen to attract the “sports fan mentality,” which itself has been created by the Elite by tapping into primal human instincts such as the desire to win by defeating enemies.


In Conclusion

The Elite owners of America are slowly but surely enslaving the American people, and they seem to be doing this, in part, by mastering the art of “diversion”―with Sports Entertainment being their key diversionary tactic.

The sudden and dramatic rise of Sports Entertainment during the past several decades seems to be a carefully scripted plot, skillfully crafted by the ruling Elite aimed at engaging Americans to focus their attention elsewhere and diminish their interest and understanding of the ills that are plaguing American society.

The fact that the logos of the major sports leagues all use similar patterns, and that this pattern is based on ancient symbolism, may be indicative that Sports Entertainment is really a large scale “mass control” project. And that the same crooked “Elite” are really behind all the sports franchises―the same Elite that have been actively taking over the world (banks, mass media, big pharma, big oil, etc.).

If you would like to learn more about ancient wisdom and occult symbolism, buy my new book Written In Stone:



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