The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life, or FOL, is the name of a geometrical figure created out of many overlapping circles arranged to form a flowerlike pattern with a six fold symmetry. The center of each circle is located on the circumference of the six circles surrounding it, all with the same diameter.

The earliest known form of the Flower of Life dates back to 400 A.D., though it is probably older than that. Some see it as a symbol of sacred geometry, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. To them, the flower of life expresses the connections shared by all life, and may contain information on Akashic records.

The earliest example of the Flower of Life is found at the Egyptian Temple of Osiris. Greek text near the circles helps date them to between 535 B.C. and 480 A.D. These flowers were drawn using red ocher, rather than being carved into the granite.

Christianity is familiar with the Flower of Life. It has appeared in art, alone or as the Seed of Life.

In Judaism, the Kabbalah talks of symbolic connections to the Tree of Life. The symbol of the Tree may have been derived from the symbolic Flower of Life, and is studied by students of the Kabbalah.

The Flower of Life, courtesy Wikipedia.