The Akashic Records

Akashic is a Sanskrit word that means sky or ether. The Akashic records referred to a collection of knowledge written in the ether, that is, on a non-physical plane of existence. They have been around since the beginning of time, encoding all phenomenal and transcendental knowledge.

History of Akashic records
It is believed that the Indians, Greeks, Christians, Egyptians, and many other civilized nations would tap into the Akashic records seeking wisdom. Nostradamus himself claimed to have used these records.

It is believed that the full history of mankind is encoded in these records. Every living creature contributes to the records, and every creature can access them through various techniques, including meditation and prayer.

When a person accesses the Akashic records, he or she will perceive both the events and the responses to those events – a multimedia cinematic treat. The Akashic records can also help tell the future, although the responses rely heavily on probability, based on previous behavior.

Claims and Skepticism
Believers in the Akashic records claim that the Akashic was widely used; however, historical documentation has no evidence of this.

Specific accounts of the Akashic records
In the awesome feat and New Age discussions, the Akashic records are seen as the records of all knowledge held in the universe, including human experience.

Edgar Cayce believed that upon death, each person will access their Akashic record. This is said to help them discover what they have or have not done in life, karmically speaking.

Others believe that there are many repositories of wisdom, like the Akashic library, scattered throughout the universe. Each of these repositories is said to exist on a different plane of existence.

The Akashic records are also referred to as the Memory of Nature. It is believed to have recorded events from the beginning of creation to the present day. These records may be accessed by spirits and the spiritually enlightened.

The Law of One
In The Law of One, Book 1, Edgar Cayce is asked how he receives his information. The answer received from “Ra”, Edgar’s spirit guide, tells us that he received his information from the All of Records, or the Akashic record.

In seeking wisdom, people have relied on prayer, visualization, meditation, and other methods. In truth, all these methods can help you access the Akashic record, and to develop wisdom and compassion for all living creatures.