Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are entities that watch over us, teaching, healing, and guiding us on our journey to spiritual awareness. While we live in the physical plane, they exist in a higher-frequency plane. You can communicate with your spirit guide(s) through meditation, automatic writing, and other telepathic methods.

People can have one spirit guide or many. In all cases, the strongest connection with be with one spirit, known as your Twin Flame. It is said that these spirits hold the other part of our soul, and feel complete when both aspects of the soul are reunited at last.

You may perceive your spirit guide to be human, animal, or even alien. They often use many names, and appear in a guise that is acceptable to those they contact. Your spirit guide may arrive at a time where you need healing, spiritual development, creativity, or other help. Guides have been credited with saving people from horrific accidents.

Spirit guides exist only to help guide us towards a more positive life. People who live in the here and now often have humorous spirit guides that help them maintain balance in their lives. There are ways to communicate with your spirit guide, who can provide answers to the mysteries of life.

There are two methods to communicate with your spirit guide. Telepathic communication relies on the powers of the mind to communicate. When using telepathy, write the answers down as soon as you finish so you don’t lose the message. Verbal communication allows you to ask your question out loud. Recording your questions and answers will give you a record of each session. Finally, automatic writing depends on writing or typing messages while your brain is “distracted” or in a meditative state.

Remember, each question should be asked only once. The first answer is the right one – anything else is confusing and misleading.

First Session – Getting to Know You
Today, you will “introduce” yourself to your spirit guide. Find a quiet, relaxing location with no distractions. Breathe deeply and concentrate on clearing your mind of distractions. Next, broadcast the word, “Hello” (or any other greeting that seems right to you). Relax and allow each answer to “drop” into your head, like a thought. For now, confine your questions to ones that can be answered with a simple yes or no – let’s keep things simple for now!

Second Session – A Dialogue
Ask your spirit guide for their name – this may be done easily with automatic writing. Once you have a name, start a conversation. Ask permission to start a conversation, then feel free to ask questions about the spirit world.

Subsequent Sessions – Finding out More
With practice, you will find it easier to communicate with your spirit guide. Your guide can answer questions about present-day events, cosmological puzzlers, and future events. With their help, you will be able to proceed on your life journey, finding wisdom and strength from within. By allowing these higher beings to help us, we can live a happy and fulfilled life.