“Triptych” Architecture Hidden In Plain View On Skull & Bones Tomb

How To Decipher The Powerful Occult “Triptych” Code Found Hidden In Plain Sight On The Architectural Facade Of The Skull & Bones Tomb

Skull And Bones Secret Society

Skull And Bones Tomb


Dear World Explorer,

Yale’s Skull & Bones is an organization shrouded in mystery.

The key to this mystery is written in stone on the fraternity’s headquarters.

Skull & Bones is a society of kingmakers and powerful men; it produces presidents, businessmen, and others of wealth and power.

Because of this, for almost 200 years rumors have swirled that Yale University’s Skull & Bones Society is in possession of an ancient “Great Secret.”

A secret that holds some kind of potent occult / mystical power.

You are about to discover how there is indeed a Great Secret, a spiritual secret, and it lies hidden in plain sight on the facade of the Skull & Bones Society’s “Tomb.”

This Tomb is the group’s headquarters located at 64 High Street on the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut.

Look at the Tomb below.

See the architectural “Triptych” three-in-one entryway on the building’s facade?

Skull And Bones 322

Skull & Bones Tomb, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1856.

This same Triptych three-in-one entryway is written into the stone architecture of:

  • Ancient Temples
  • Europe’s Gothic Cathedrals
  • Masonic Lodges Worldwide


Still unknown to scholars and historians, this “Triptych” pattern has a powerful, esoteric meaning.

It symbolizes a Universal Religion that was once practiced by the world’s first known civilizations (i.e., the Egyptians, Chinese, Incas, Mayas, Hindus, Greeks, Romans, Native Americans, Babylonians, Aztecs, and many more).

This Universal Religion is the founding wisdom of the Skull & Bones Society.

This Universal Religion is a very potent and profoundly self-empowering wisdom-tradition that is being covered up and censored today.

As I explain carefully in my new book, Written In Stone, it is a Sacred Science of the Soul, which involves the process of Awakening our Third Eye by balancing opposites.

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