Shell Scrying

This form of divination is a popular choice for those living near the ocean, and those who just wish they did. It seeks to foretell the future through the use of seashells.

If you’ve been to the ocean, chances are you have lifted a seashell to your ear. Even when you are far from the ocean, you can still hear it using the shell. Shell scrying seeks to use the seashell as a conduit for messages from the universe.

To try this yourself, find an appropriate shell. Place it over your ear, close your eyes, and simply listen. You will hear the sounds of the ocean, of surf and tide. Listen closely, and you may hear a message from the universe.

A display of seashells, mostly shells of marine Mollusca, including an abalone, an auger shell, two cowries, hammer oyster, ark clam, pearl oyster, cone shell, Venus comb murex, scallop, nautilus, a fossil clam and a sand dollar (this last item is an echinoderm test). Courtesy Wikipedia.