In Search of Ancient Astronauts

Throughout time, man has believed in ancient astronauts, intelligent beings visiting Earth from another planet. Some theories even suggest that the gods of ancient myth are really extraterrestrials, descending from on high to help primitive mankind develop.

Those who believe in ancient astronauts suggest that ancient mythologies of gods descending from the heavens are merely representations of aliens visiting Earth in UFOs. In these myths, godlike beings possess awe-inspiring powers, the result, some say, of incredibly advanced technology.

Many legends referred to flight. In India, Sanskrit epics describe flying machines involved in aerial battles. In the Old Testament, Yahweh is credited with a metal “body”, accompanied by a column of smoke and the sounds of trumpets – a far cry from the outstretched arms and protective wings described in Psalms.

In both South America and Egypt, small models have been found that are remarkably similar to modern aircraft. Ancient Japan’s small clay figurines, the Dogū, appear humanoid. The eyes, however, bear a remarkable resemblance to descriptions of aliens from throughout history. And Brazilian legends describe visitors from the sky, educating early people on astronomy, medicine, agriculture, and more.

Examples of petroglyphs and cave art often represent people and animals. These artful depictions also include more troublesome details. Some seem to depict helmeted figures, even with antenna. And the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa believe that ancient astronauts gave their people wisdom and humanity.

Perhaps the most mysterious evidence comes from the Nazca Lines, geoglyphs in Peru. There are hundreds of figures, ranging from very simple lines to incredibly detailed animals, fishes, and birds. The largest of these figures are nearly 900 feet long. Interestingly, these designs are only recognizable from the air. Obviously, these ancient peoples wanted to communicate with someone much higher than themselves. But who?

In more recent times, renaissance art contains what some believe to be UFOs. Ancient astronaut theorists believe this to be proof that ancient astronauts reappear from time to time, checking on our progress.

Evidence from art and culture only raises more questions. Until clear archaeological evidence is discovered, to search for ancient astronauts will continue.

These paintings from Italy were created around 10,000 B.C. Believers claim that these figures may depict ancient astronauts. Courtesy Wikipedia.
A Nazca Line from Peru, created by the Nazca Culture ( 200 B.C. to 700 A.D.), courtesy Wikipedia.