Scrying is form of divination used by a medium to see our past, present, and future. A medium will commonly use a substance that is luminescence, reflective, or translucent. Items like crystals, glass, water, fire and smoke have all been used. Some believe that these messages come from the psychic mind, the spirit world, God, the Devil, and even subconscious. Scrying has been used for thousands of years in many cultures and religions.

The best-known tool used in scrying is the crystal ball. Polished quartz, precious stones, and crystals are also used. In ancient Egypt, a puddle of ink held in the hand was acceptable, while some South American tribes used polished black stone.

The ancient Greeks used scrying to divine the future as early as 2000 BC. Celtic tribes, along with their Druid priests, practiced the art, as well.

In some places today, it is still believe that a young woman could gaze into a mirror while in a dark room in order to see her future husband. If a young woman saw a skull instead, she would die before her wedding date.

To use a crystal ball, you must first enter a light trance. Focus your attention on the crystal ball, and clear your mind. In the early phases, you will perform a sort of free association. Watch for these images, and when they arrive, declare them out loud. This will deepen your trance-like state. As you proceed to the end phase, you will receive visual images and a movie-like projection that can be used for divination purposes.

A quartz crystal ball, commonly used for scrying. Courtesy Wikipedia.