Rock Scrying

Natural rock formations may have unusual shapes, almost like pictures carved into the stone. These rocks are often used in divination, although the interpretations are highly personal, varying from person to person. In rock scrying, the interpretation isn’t carved in stone, even though the clues are!

Through time, people have been attracted to rocks with unusual shapes, textures, colors, or carved lines. Perhaps this has happened to you – as you are walking, an unusual stone catches your eye. The universe may be trying to get your attention. If you find a stone that attracts you, especially if it is in an area you consider sacred or somehow special, pick it up. In one form of divination, you can “read” the pattern of grooves and colors, the shape and texture. In another form, you hold the rock in your hand and close your eyes, breathing deeply and entering a meditative state. Often you will receive a message of great importance.

The Earth has many strange and interesting rock formations. Geologists use the term “rock formations” to describe surface rock outcrops, especially those that are scenic and spectacular. Over thousands of years, the rock is weathered and eroded, producing amazingly beautiful results. Mankind sought to build monuments out of stone, duplicating artificially what nature does so effortlessly. Monuments like the one at Stone Mountain in Georgia (see photo, below), were built to pay homage to great leaders.

However, mankind has not only studied rocks on earth – the Face on Mars and the Man on the Moon are two famous examples of interesting rock formations.

Close up of the carving at Stone Mountain in Georgia. Courtesy Wikipedia.