Ancient World Parallels

Were Ancient Cultures Worldwide Connected?

I have always been interested in the mysterious parallels shared by the “pyramid cultures,” history´s earliest known cultures. My published research highlights new and undiscovered parallels—my “Triptych Temple” and “GodSelf Icon” finds— linking the pyramid cultures to each other.   I’ve found these parallels during the past twenty-five years of investigation. These and similar discoveries were published in my 2011 book, Written in Stone. My “GodSelf Icon” discovery was further fleshed out in my 2016 ebook, The Missing Link.

Ancient Egypt & Peru Parallels

See my article “Suppressed By Scholars: The Mystery Of Twin Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Atlantic”—which outlines a series of Egypt & Peru parallels. I’ve been putting these together since the late 1990s. See the article here.

Ancient Mayan & Balinese Parallels

I also enjoy writing about ancient cultural similarities shared by the ancient Maya in the New World and the ancient Balinese of Indonesia. My 2012 article “Suppressed By Scholars: Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific” is one of many examples:

You can find more information on these and other cultural parallels in my books, Written in Stone and The Missing Link, which you can look at here.

In 2017, I began hosting tours to countries that have a rich treasure trove of ancient archaeological sites (Egypt, Peru, Italy, Spain, England, etc.).

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