The “Triptych” Temples Of The Knights Of Pythias

How “Triptych” Architecture On Knights Of Pythias Temple Entrances Reveals Their Secret Inheritance Of The Ancient Global Religion


Like All Other Secret Societies (Including The
Freemasons) Knights Of Pythias Temples Display
“Triptych” Architecture On Their Facades, Which
Reveals Their Order’s “Great Secret”
Hidden In Plain Sight

The Pythian Temple (above) at 135 W. 70th St. in Manhattan
was built in 1927 to serve as a meeting place for
the 120 Pythian lodges of New York City.

The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal order said to have
been founded during the Civil War in Washington, D.C.

As the fraternity declined in the early 1940s, the
building was bought-out. Today it is an
88-unit luxury condo called “The Pythian.”


Dear World Explorer,

Look closely at the entrance to The Pythian Temple in the photo above.

It has three doors―with the center door larger than the two flanking it.

I call this three-door pattern a “Triptych.”

Two decades ago, I discovered similar-looking Triptychs encoded into ancient temples first in Egypt then across the world.

These ancient “Triptych Temples” were all built by pyramid-building cultures.

Triptych Temples are still visible in ruins worldwide, from the Mayans in Mexico to the Egyptians in Egypt:


Left: Temple of the Jaguars, Chichen Itza, Mexico.
Right: Temple of Dendur, Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

In addition to the Knights of Pythias, other Secret Societies like the Freemasons, Shriners, and Skull & Bones display “Triptych” three-door entrances.

Surely this is no coincidence:


Triptych architecture on Masonic Lodge
on Parchment Street in Winchester, England.


Triptych architecture on Shriners Temple
headquarters in Washington DC.


Triptych architecture on facade of Skull & Bones Tomb
on High Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

This evidence indicates that the Triptych pattern is a “common denominator” that links all Secret Societies.

In other words, all Secret Societies have “Triptych” entrances because they were all founded for the same purpose―a purpose related to the Triptych.

What purpose?

The answer is, Secret Societies were all found to preserve the same Universal Religion that was once practiced by all the ancient civilizations of Antiquity― particularly the ancient pyramid-building cultures (i.e., like the Egyptians):


Triptych Temple of Hathor at Denderah in Egypt.


Egyptian Triptych Temple of Dendur, Museum of Modern Art, NYC.


Triptych Temple of Philae in Egypt.

This Universal Religion was depicted by these ancient civilizations in architecture by the Triptych, which explains why the Triptych Temple is common to all of them.

Neither the Universal Religion nor its chief symbol, the Triptych, has been discovered by scholars.

But there are signs everywhere that link these fraternal orders and Secret Societies to Antiquity.

Like the Freemasons, the Knights of Pythias have undeniable links to Antiquity in their symbolism, ceremonies, and rituals. For example, the word” Pythias” is said to come from the ancient Greek myth of Damon and Pythias.

What’s more, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Sumerian imagery abounds throughout Knights of Pythias symbolism:

As we can see in this video, the Pythian Temple building facade features Egyptian-influenced winged discs, Assyrian-inspired columns, Sumerian painted motifs and Babylonian imagery.

One thing that remains almost perfectly constant among various “Pythian Temples,” which are often called “Castles,” is the Triptych entrance common to so many building facades.

Note the recurring “Triptych” pattern in the following Pythian Temple facades:


Pythian Temple (found in Google’s Images archives).
Location unknown. Look closely and you can count
several Triptych patterns on the facade.


Pythian Temple (found in Google’s Images archives).
Location unknown.
Look closely and you can count
several Triptych patterns on the facade.


Knights of Pythias Temple in Fort Worth,
Note the Triptych pattern on each
side of the building’s facade.


Knights of Pythias Temple in Baker City,
Note the Triptych pattern on
each side of the building’s facade.


Knights of Pythias Castle, Houston, Texas 


674 Ohio Street Terre Haute, Indiana 

What does the Triptych mean?

Is the Triptych a lost symbol from Antiquity?

Does the Triptych symbolize a now-forgotten “Universal Religion” that was inherited by Secret Societies like the Knights of Pythias and Freemasons?

Does this explain the connection these Orders have to the Triptych…and to Antiquity?

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