Osiris, The First Messiah: Was Jesus The “Second Coming” Of Egypt’s Christ?

Among the ruins of ancient Egypt are the records of a bearded, long-haired Savior, whose resurrection from the dead influenced generations of followers to believe in life after death. He was called “Shepherd,” “King of Kings,” and “Lord of Lords,” and he was depicted in art for thousands of years with the ankh cross of eternal life. The first King of Egypt, he was recorded in myth as the recurring “Phoenix” bird who appears perennially in the East to herald each new age. As Judge of the dead on the Day of Judgment—the position Christ later held—he enforced the sacred law. Every Pharaoh dressed in his image (a bearded shepherd with long hair—identical to Christ) while sitting on his throne. The deceased were entombed under his likeness to gain immortality through him. Does this very ancient and very Christ-like Egyptian king hold the key to the world’s future? – See more at: https://www.richardcassaro.com/osiris-the-first-messiah-was-jesus-the-second-coming-of-egypts-christ/#sthash.X7daYV9A.dpuf