Numerology is the art of divination using numbers. It is also known as arithmomancy. Practitioners of this ancient method of divining the future  claim that the universe is built around mathematical principles.  This allows everything to be expressed in terms of numbers, which correspond to specific energy vibrations.  Every aspect of a person’s life can be expressed numerically – names, birth dates, words, and more.  Each of these numbers contains a mystical meaning which can help define a person’s life and destiny.

One of the earliest supporters of numerology was Pythagoras, the famous ancient Greek mathematician.  Based on his observations in mathematics, astronomy, and music, Pythagoras suggested that “all things are numbers”.  This viewpoint was shared by later Greek philosophers.  Over time, this mathematical mysticism spread to the Jewish Kabbalah, ancient Babylon, and more.  Buddhists, Hindus, and various Chinese faiths all use forms of numerology in their systems of worship.

For most numerologists, only single-digit numbers are considered.  Numbers with more than one digit can be reduced by adding the numbers together repeatedly until a single digit remains.  Each number represents a specific value and its opposites – female/male, harmony/disharmony.the number is matched to a corresponding letter of the alphabet for more information.  By applying these formulas to a person’s name, as well as the name of their hometown and their date of birth, we can develop valuable clues to that person’s destiny and character.

The Chinese enjoyed their own form of divination using numbers.  However, unlike the Western version of numerology, the Chinese version did not require users to reduce each word or symbol to a single number.  Therefore, certain combinations of numbers were seen as more fortunate than others.  In the Cantonese dialect, the following definitions are given to various numbers:

  1.  —
  2.  — easy
  3.  — live
  4.  — considered unlucky since the pronunciation of 4 ( ) sounds like the word for death or suffering ( ).
  5.  — the self, me, myself, nothing, never
  6.  — easy and smooth, all the way.
  7.  — a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese.
  8.  — sudden fortune, prosperity
  9.  — long in time, a slang/vulgar word in Cantonese
  10.  — sure

Courtesy Wikipedia.

These numbers can be combined to develop lucky numbers.  For example, the number 99 implies a doubly long life, hence an internal one.  Those who want to follow the road of prosperity, especially with another, may use the number 168.  The number 888 indicates a wish for three times the prosperity.