MONUMENTAL CAMBODIA: An Esoteric Tour of the Ancient Temples (2019)









Coming in 2019!

I´ll be taking a small handful of Sacred Explorers with me to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, home of the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire and the largest religious monument in the world. Only a few of the more than 1000 temples have been cleared of the jungle that engulfs them, and they are bathed in an atmosphere so evocative that they will transport you to a place few modern travelers ever visit—the center of your spiritual Self!

I´ll explain how the core spiritual wisdom written into these mysterious stone monuments by the ancient Master Masons was the same Sacred Science now known in the West as the Perennial Philosophy, and how the central formula of this wisdom is the Marriage of Opposites—a formula written in stone on the temples themselves in the form of the Triptych! Tour details to be announced.

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