The Monster with the White Eyes

This ancient Cherokee legend has its origins long ago, before the Europeans brought death and devastation to the people of the New World. This legend warns of the white man’s arrival; similar tales are found among the Aztecs and Mexicans.

In ancient times, the spirits warned that a monster with white eyes would come across the eastern waters. This evil, terrifying monster would leave a trail of havoc and destruction in its wake. The spirits of animals and trees would wither. Mother Earth would be devastated and sickened. The monster would eat the children of the tribe one at a time, and there would be no escape.

These harsh conditions would cause the deaths of many. The Earth would sing a death song as its health slipped. Those who followed the white eyed monster would face annihilation.

The children from each tribe would be reborn. They would provide guidance to the monster’s children. Those who understood the truth would arise, destroy the monster, and restore health to Mother Earth.

The children would lead mankind back to a better way. After this, the animal and tree spirits would be safe. All races would coexist peacefully, and the monster would disappear.

Tah-Chee (Dutch), Cherokee Chief, 1837, Smithsonian American Art Museum. Courtesy Wikipedia.