Mirror Scrying

Since ancient times, mankind has been fascinated with their own reflection. Smooth, polished stones, water, and gleaming metal were all extensively used. However, Moore scrying depends on an actual mirror, polished glass with a backing of silver or mercury. This ancient form of divination is also known as catoptromancy.

Reflective surfaces have been used for thousands of years in rights of magic and divination. Some believe they can repel evil; others fear that mirrors may steal their soul. In more recent times, clairvoyants and psychics have used mirrors to increase their powers and gain knowledge.

The so-called magic mirrors have been especially popular since medieval times. All classes of society, from peasant to royalty, relied on the information from mirror scrying to divine the future. Supporters included Catherine to Medici, Henry IV, and the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I.

Mirrors are rarely used as magic tools today in the West. However, Eastern cultures still use divination, along with rites of prayer, fasting, and offerings to the gods.

In tribal cultures, people believe that the reflection is their soul. By exposing their soul, they become more vulnerable to death and disease. Many cultures throughout history have believed that a person who sees their reflection will soon die. The ancient Greeks believed that even dreaming of your reflection would foretell death. Even today, people remove mirrors from the rooms of the sick – a hangover to the time when the mirror could steal the soul of the ill. Mirrors were often either removed or turned around after a death in the house. This prevented anyone from accidentally looking into the mirror, thus causing their own death.

Mirrors were also beneficial. Seventeenth century Europeans would often stitch small mirrors into their hats to reflect the evil eye away. A young girl gazing at the reflection of the moon in her mirror can foretell the date of her wedding. By performing this ritual on Halloween, the young girl may enjoy a vision of her husband-to-be.

Students of the occult and esoteric gaze into mirrors, hoping for a vision of their spirit guide. This may also help them to see auras. Practitioners believe that we can even get images of past lives through mirror scrying. Curved mirrors which are painted black on one side (convex side) may help to develop latent clairvoyance into a powerful talent.

A mirror, reflecting a vase. Courtesy Wikipedia.