Healing with Crystals

Many people believe that crystals have the power to heal your body, balance energies, and make you feel revitalized. There are many crystals used, depending upon what needs to be healed.

Most healing is done by a qualified healer, who understands which crystals to use and how to place the crystals for maximum effectiveness. Each crystal must be chosen for the specific frequency of the patient, in order to bring about balance. Some of the more popular crystals and stones include:

Amber is a stone of the second chakra, and is said to remove disease from the body and clear away negativity.

Amethyst is a symbol of spiritual upliftment and inner alignment. It is used to heal bones, arthritis, and poor hearing. It is linked with the sixth chakra.

Diamonds are said to detoxify the body while balancing metabolism. It can make your eyesight stronger, and also increases your personal clarity. It is effective for all chakras.

Jade is used to increase both fertility and longevity. It not only strengthens the heart, but also cleanses the blood. Jade can help strengthen the immune system. It is used to cure eye disorders and as a treatment for female problems.

Malachite helps to restore balance and harmony.

Quartz is a powerful crystal which is universally used to remove negative energy. It allows you to amplify, focus, and transform energy.

Rose Quartz is specifically used for the heart chakra.

Sapphires help you to clear out the mental clutter that affects your clarity of thought.

Turquoise is commonly used in the fifth chakra, although it is able to align all of the chakras. It is used to calm and strengthen both the body and mind.

Topaz is used with the third chakra and higher. It helps to break up stagnant energy lingering within the body, while helping the body eliminate toxins.

Amber, courtesy Wikipedia.
Pink quartz crystals, courtesy Wikipedia.