Greys are extraterrestrial lifeforms which appear in UFO conspiracy theories and related phenomena. They make up 75% of all aliens reported in America, though are less common in mainland Europe and Britain. In the USA, the grays have replaced “little green men” as the most common alien species, based on abductions and eyewitness accounts.

Greys are described as short, approximately 4 feet tall, with gray skin (sometimes with a tinge of blue or green). Their bodies are elongated, with shorter legs that give an awkward gait. Their arms are long, often reaching to the knees. Descriptions of their hands show them with three digits, or possibly three digits and a thumb, on each hand. Their head is bulbous and bald, dominated by very large black eyes. Over all, they lack muscle definition, and their arms, legs, and neck are thin. Their facial features are small, though some Greys have been reported with slits rather than a nose per se.

At times, Greys appear clothed; at other times they seem naked. Whether with quotes or without, it is impossible to tell the gender of a Gray. The sexes do not appear differentiated, and these naked aliens do not have visible external genitalia.

The appearance of the Gray has changed over time, however their over-all appearance has been described for over 100 years. Beginning in the late 19th century, Grays have featured in numerous science fiction stories. The author HG Wells described Moon-dwelling aliens in his 1901 book, The First Man in the Moon. These aliens or a remarkable resemblance to the Greys.

The Grays existed mostly in fiction until Betty and Barney Hill told their abduction story. They described being abducted, taken aboard a mysterious aircraft by small hairless men with large, slanted eyes and no noses. The Hills included details from earlier hypnosis sessions.

Two weeks before the Hill’s hypnosis, the television series The Outer Limits showed an episode featuring a bald alien with slanted eyes and no nose. However, the TV version is as tall as a human, with a human-sized head and eyes slightly larger than normal. It is unlikely that the TV Grey would be confused with the extraterrestrial Grey. Both Betty and Barney Hill denied viewing that episode of the Outer Limits.

An amateur astronomer, Marjorie Fish, studied the star map that Betty Hill drew, comparing it with astronomical charts. Based on her observations, she determined that the 12 stars shown on the map proved that the aliens live on a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system, 39 light years away from Earth. For this reason, Greys are sometimes called “Zetas” or “Reticulians”.

Grey Extraterrestrial, AKA Zeta, Reticulian, Roswell Alien. Courtesy Wikipedia.
An alien seen on TV 12 days prior to the making of Hill’s ‘Grey’ hypnosis tape. Courtesy Wikipedia.
The ‘Star Map’ to Zeta Reticuli, as extrapolated by Betty Hill and Marjorie Fish. Courtesy Wikipedia.