Foo Fighters

During World War II, pilots used the term “foo fighter” to describe mysterious phenomenon occurring in the skies. These included fire, blobs of light, and strange UFO like craft.

To witnesses, these foo fighters were seen as secret weapons deployed by the enemy. Once the war was over, pilots discovered that neither side was responsible. These foo fighters have never harmed people, and even now they remain a mystery.

During World War II, numerous sightings of foo fighters were reported. A1941 sighting in the Indian Ocean reports a “strange globe glowing with greenish light, about half the size of the full moon as it appears to us.” Three soldiers watched the object for over an hour. In the South Pacific, a US Air Force pilot flying a B-25 bomber reported being tracked by a bright light for around 30 minutes before the light ascended rapidly into the sky. This was witnessed by the entire aircraft crew. In the early 1960s, the same pilot was tracked by another bright light, this time while he was flying a tanker. Again, the entire crew witnessed the event.

Foo fighters take various forms. Often they are seen as balls of fire. At other times, they were described as disk shaped objects made of metal – what we know now to be a flying saucer.

In 1942, in the Solomon Islands, 150 objects were spotted in the air. They were grouped together in lines of 10 to 12, and each object wobble slightly as they all moved together. These mysterious craft looked like polished silver, and moved faster than the Japanese aircraft of the day.

To this day, foo fighters remained unexplained. During World War II, aircraft were commonly used during bombing raids. German ground troops used colored players to assist in navigation. However, colored lights and fireballs were found many miles from the German forces, and remained unexplained.

To many, foo fighters are evidence of extra terrestrial visitation. Supporters believe they come in UFOs, though their purpose is unknown. Throughout history, there have been many reports of strange lights in the night sky. It is not unreasonable to think that they may be related.

Other explanations include natural causes, like Ball lightning. St. Elmo’s fire, and electrical discharge, has been seen coming from aircraft wings. While many phenomena have natural causes, foo fighters remain a mystery.

Photo of an alleged foo fighter. Courtesy Wikipedia.