Egyptian Dream Scrying

To the ancient Egyptians, dream scrying was a valuable way to hear and interpret the messages of the gods. This form of divination has a long and interesting history which dates back over 5000 years. Our knowledge of early dream scrying comes from hieroglyphics and ancient texts describing the practice. These techniques were subsequently used by many other civilizations, including the ancient Greeks.

The following steps will help you to perform your own dream scrying ritual.

On the day you plan on scrying, find a solitary place. Remain alone until the scrying is complete. Avoid drinking alcohol or engaging in sexual activities for at least four hours before you begin.

Enjoy a warm, relaxing bath to cleanse your body and mind. Anoint your temples with olive oil. As with other forms of scrying, you may wish to use a traditional oil lamp.

Write the name of the Egyptian God to whom you are appealing, as well as the question you would like answered, onto a thin strip of cloth (preferably white linen). Twist the lined firmly, creating a wick, and insert it into the oil lamp. Using the same ink, draw the image of the dream God on the palm of your left hand.

Light the lamp and kneel before it. Concentrate on the image drawn on your left hand. Recite the following invocation:

Thoth (or name of appropriate god), I invoke, blessed power of dreams divine,
Angel of future fates, swift wings are thine,
Great source of oracles to humankind,
When stealing soft, and whispering to the mind,
Through sleep’s sweet silence and the gloom of night,
Thy power awake the sight,
To silent souls the will of Heaven relates,
And silently reveals their future fates.

Concentrate on your question. About 30 inches long and 4 inches wide, and wrap it around your left hand. This cloth represents the eye of Isis.

Blow out the flame and go to sleep. Clear your mind before you drift off. Ensure that you have a pen and paper or a tape recorder near your bed. This will help you record your dreams as soon as you awaken – if you wait, your dream will simply slip away.

Some dreams are very clear, leaving little doubt. However, dreams are often symbolic and require interpretation. If you have a dream dictionary, it can help you to interpret the meanings found in your dream.

“The Knight’s Dream” by Antonio de Pereda. Courtesy Wikipedia.