Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce (1877 to 1945) was an American psychic who spoke on astrology, reincarnation, and Atlantis while in deep trances. He was, and remains still, a major influence on the New Age movement. Edgar Cayce’s predictions and prophecies are still fascinating, offering a glimpse into the Akashic records and the secrets of the universe.

To Edgar Cayce, the most important part of his work was healing and theology. However, he remains famous for many of his readings. His psychic powers continue to astound people.

At the age of 21, Edgar Cayce developed a paralysis of his vocal cords. Doctors were stymied. Under hypnosis, the young Edgar found a cure where medicine had failed. Before long, he realized he could help others the same way.

Edgar Cayce provided readings to thousands. When he received a question, he would place himself into a trance. During this phase, he was able to answer almost any question. In early years, these trances were mainly used to solve medical problems. In later years, Edgar Cayce also performed readings on dreams, meditation, prophecy, and reincarnation. Using his transcripts, over 300 books have been written on his work. Each reading was ended when Cayce said, “We are through”.

From 1901 to 1944, Edgar Cayce gave over 14,000 readings. He rarely remembered what was said during his trance. He explains that his unconscious mind would access information unavailable to his conscious mind. The readings were recorded by his secretary, while his wife “conducted” the readings by reading the questions of patients out loud

The readings are broken down into five categories. Physical readings (9603 readings) were used to diagnose and treat ailments. In life readings (1920 readings), case would describe his clients physical, mental, and emotional state based on past life experiences. His business readings (747) included advice on the stock market, business partners, and more. In the dream readings, Edgar Cayce would interpret his client’s dreams, striving to understand the unique symbolism used by each dreamer. Finally there are his other readings, 954 of them – readings on missing people, geology, prophecy, psychic abilities, auras, and dozens of other topics.

Edgar Cayce did not only perform readings. His “Cayce diet” is similar in many ways to dietary suggestions made today – avoid red meat, alcohol, white bread, and fried foods. Edgar Cayce believed that fruit and leafy vegetables were very important, and one meal each day should consist entirely of raw vegetables. Certain combinations of food were to be avoided, such as mixing coffee with milk or sugar, or eating high-protein foods with starches.

Skeptics accuse Edgar Cayce as misleading the public. Supporters claim that through his trancelike states, Edgar Cayce was able to access the “Akashic Record”, gaining wisdom into the secrets of the universe. His surprising prophecies and readings astound us to this day.

In October 1910, this photograph appeared on the front page of The New York Times after a reporter stole it from the home of Cayce’s parents to use for a story. Courtesy Wikipedia.