Divination Symbols, Part 2 – L to M

As you become more aware of the symbols around you, pay attention to what these symbols mean. These interpretations are guidelines only – reading them is a subjective matter. Here are some of the most common symbols found in dreams and other forms of divination. A good dream or symbol dictionary is invaluable for interpreting the results.

Dreaming of JEWELS may symbolize gifts or possibly DNA. Your subconscious may be trying to refer you to the sacred geometry. It is likewise a symbol of the star tetrahedron.

A KANGAROO is a symbol of harmony in the home.

KITES represent the freedom of flight. This omen symbolizes your wishes coming true.

A KNIFE warns of a hidden enemy. It is often an omen of a broken friendship.

A LADDER may be an omen of either a rise or fall in your life. It represents DNA, and may symbolize a promotion.

A LAMP near the top symbolizes an upcoming feast; at the bottom, postponement. If the lamp is turned on, enlightenment will soon follow. A lamp to the side foretells of secrets soon to be revealed.

A LEAF symbolizes life, especially new life.

A straight LINE symbolizes progress towards a goal; wavy lines indicate the path is uncertain.

A LION is the symbol of the astrological sign Leo. It represents Omega and closure. A lion may also indicate your strength, or the strength of influential friends.

A LOCK is a symbol of upcoming obstacles if it is closed. If it is open, new information will come soon. A lock and key together are ancient phallic symbols related to creation.

A LOOP may indicate time and creation. It is a warning to avoid those actions which may be impulsive.

Dreaming of a MASK is an omen of something hidden.

MOUNTAINS represent obstacles which need to be overcome.

A MOUSE may represent a computer; alternatively, it may be a warning of theft.

A MUSHROOM near the top indicates an upcoming journey, possibly a move to the countryside. Near the bottom, it indicates rapid growth. A reversed mushroom indicates frustration.

Mushroom photo, courtesy Wikipedia.