Divination Symbols, Part 2 – G to I

As you become more aware of the symbols around you, pay attention to what these symbols mean. These interpretations are guidelines only – reading them is a subjective matter. Here are some of the most common symbols found in dreams and other forms of divination. A good dream or symbol dictionary is invaluable for interpreting the results.

A GATE indicates an opportunity for future success. It may also be a portal or doorway to another realm. It may indicate an ancient civilization.

If a GLOW is seen, it is a sign of enlightenment.

Dreaming of a GOAT is a warning to watch your enemies.

A GUN often represents either sex or anger.

A HAMMER may warn that getting a point across will be a challenge. It may also indicate more hard work is needed.

A HAND represents God’s role in creation. If the hand is open, it indicates friendship; a closed hand indicates a disagreement.

HARPS represent harmonics and the music of creation. They are an omen of love and harmonious living.

Dreaming of a HAT may represent consciousness or improvement. The stream may also seek to draw your attention to your head area for some reason.

A HAWK is a symbol of the ancient Egyptian God Horus. It is a symbol of jealousy.

A HEART may symbolize your heart chakra. It is also a symbol of love, compassion, trust, and pleasure.

Dreaming of a galloping HORSE is an omen of good news. If you only see a horse’s head, it symbolizes a lover.

A HORSESHOE is a symbol of good luck and powerful attraction. It may also symbolize the magnetic field of the earth or the astrological sign Leo. It represents closure.
An HOURGLASS symbolizes the passage of time, and may warn of the need for action. It represents creation and synchronicity.
A HOUSE represents security. It may be an omen of success or changes to come.

An ICEBERG is a warning of danger due to planetary meltdown. It represents consciousness frozen in time.
An INSECT may have many meanings, depending on which insect is involved. Ancient Egyptians had particular reverence for the scarab beetle, seen as a good omen.

Scarab beetle in Tomb KV6, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt. Courtesy Wikipedia.