Divination Symbols, Part 2 – D to F

As you become more aware of the symbols around you, pay attention to what these symbols mean. These interpretations are guidelines only – reading them is a subjective matter. Here are some of the most common symbols found in dreams and other forms of divination. A good dream or symbol dictionary is invaluable for interpreting the results.

A DAGGER warns of impending danger, though rarely indicates the direction from which the danger will arrive. It is also a symbol of power.

DOGS represent friendship and loyalty. Dogs also have a celestial connection, the Dog Star, also known as Sirius. They are the symbol of Anubis, an Egyptian god.

If you dream of a DOOR, pay attention to whether the door is open or closed. If it is open, it is an omen of something new on the horizon. Closing indicates the end of old issues, old relationships, and old ways of thought. Doors can also represent a portal to the spiritual world.

A DUCK may indicate money soon to come. Alternatively, it may be an omen of an encounter with someone named Bill.

EGGS are a good omen, symbolizing new beginnings and the wonder of creation.

An ELEPHANT is symbolic of strength and wisdom. Hindus associate the elephant with the God Ganesh; others associate them with luck. If the elephant’s trunk is in the air, you will overcome obstacles in your path.

An ENVELOPE indicates a message is on its way. This message may be either negative or positive.

An EYE is often seen as a symbol of creation. If open, it indicates awakening; if closed, it warns of something important which is not seen.

If you dream of a rotary FAN, your dream symbolizes the number four in numerology, and may indicate time divination.

A FEATHER is a symbol of ascension.

FENCES are symbolic of limitations placed on you. Don’t be alarmed – these setbacks are minor, not permanent.

A FINGER can be challenging to understand. It depends which finger is used, and which direction it points. Fingers pointing up to the heavens are believed to be directing the dreamer to God.

FIRE symbolizes the sacred flame. If it is at the top, it symbolizes achievement; at the bottom, it warns of the dangers of haste.

FISH have represented amphibious gods of many cultures. Christians identify themselves to each other through fish-shaped symbols. Fish are also symbols of good fortune. They represent the soul’s return to a higher frequency, much as fish themselves migrate to their home streams.

A FLAG represents a specific nationality.

If you dream of a FLY, it foretells domestic aggravation.

A FORK represents undue flattery. It is an omen that someone is speaking falsely to you.

A FORKED LINE indicates a decision you have to make.

Dreaming of FRUIT is an omen of prosperity.

Courtesy Wikipedia.