Divination Symbols, Part 1 – A to C

As you become more aware of the symbols around you, pay attention to what these symbols mean. These interpretations are guidelines only – reading them is a subjective matter. Here are some of the most common symbols found in dreams and other forms of divination. A good dream or symbol dictionary is invaluable.

An ACORN found near the top symbolizes success and abundance. If it is at the bottom, it symbolizes good health.

An AIRCRAFT indicates an upcoming journey. It can also symbolize a rise in your position. If the aircraft is broken, there is the danger of an accident.

The ANCHOR represents Jesus and the cross. If it is found near the top, it foretells stability and constancy; at the bottom, it foretells inconstancy.

An APPLE represents more than just the computer! It symbolizes knowledge and achievement.

The AXE represents difficulties. If it is shown at the top, you will overcome those problems.

A BABY indicates a possible pregnancy; it may also hint at a new arrival.

A BALL is often used to symbolize completion, with no beginning and no end. However, it can also hint at variable fortunes and inconstancy.

The BELL is a symbol of unexpected news and beautiful harmonics. It represents creation and the spiritual side of life.

BIRDS are omens of good news and a symbol of Ascension. Various cultures throughout history have worshiped bird-headed beings.

A BOAT will often symbolize your life path. It suggests protection and may foretell a pending visit from a friend.

A BOOK is a sign that you should seek your answer in written material. If the book is open, good news will follow; if it is closed, more investigation is needed.

A BUTTERFLY is symbolic of transformation or transition from one form to another.

CANDLES symbolize the flame of creation or sacred lights. A candle may indicate help from others.

A CAT warns you of false friends may deceive you. Throughout history, especially in ancient Egypt, cats-headed beings were revered as gods.

CELEBRITIES may indicate a spiritual link between you and the person; alternatively, the celebrity’s initials may be of spiritual importance.

A CHAIN is symbolic of an engagement or a wedding. It is also linked (if you will forgive the pun) to DNA and the concept of karma.

Dreaming of a CHAIR symbolizes a guest coming to visit.

A CIRCLE may indicate success or the completion of the task. Alternatively, it may also represent eternity.

A CLOCK is a common symbol of the passage of time, and is also used to represent consciousness. It is an omen of better health to come.

A COIN is often symbolizes a change in your finances, though you need other clues to determine whether your status will rise or fall.

A CROSS symbolizes sacrifice, it being the method of Jesus Christ’s execution. Perhaps due to this link, a cross is also a symbol of protection.

A CUP is symbolic of bloodlines. It may represent an upcoming reward.