Divination – Lychnomancy

Lychnomancy is a form of divination that relies on a torch flame or a single oil lamp to divine the future. The psychic will study the movement of the flame to seek understanding. In a similar method, sheets of paper are held over the flame and the resulting carbon deposits are read.

Certain forms of this divination use a specially designed lamp, often including grotesque forms. These special lamps are used to attract spirits into the flames. The spirits can then be consulted for advice and wisdom.

Many modern consultants prefer to use three flames, arranging three candles into a triangle. To read the flames, quiet your mind and prepare to ask your question.

If one flame burns higher than the other two, you will get a positive answer to your question.

If the flame wavers, there may be a journey in your future. An uneven flame indicates danger, while a spiral flame indicates your enemies are plotting against you.

If your candle emits sparks, it is an indication that you need to be cautious. If I’ll can to flames suddenly go out, bad luck is sure to follow.