Kalki Bhagavan is the founder of a new religious movement in the Indian tradition, and a Respected figure in Indian religion. His movement is known as Kalki Dharma, the Golden Age Foundation, and Oneness University. Born Vijay Kumar, he is also known as Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Mukteshwar.

The two avatars Bhagavan and Amma live in the Golden City in India. Their aim is to bring humanity into the Golden age, bringing enlightenment to 64,000 people. Those people, in their highly enlightened states, will go forth to enlighten the rest of humanity by 2012. This is their gift to humanity, offered to all who genuinely seek enlightenment.

Seekers can attain this state of enlightenment through the process called Deeksha. This process transfers divine energy that is so powerful, it can break down our mental conditioning and the concepts in our mind that prevent enlightenment.

Bhagavan tells us that our mind is like a wall – it divides man from God. The Deeksha is an electrical force which blasts a hole in the wall of the mind. This allows God and man to talk and relate to one another.

A qualified deeksha giver will place his hands upon your head. He then channels the energies of the cosmos, directed by Bhagavad and Amma.

This “divine surgery” changes the neurobiological arrangement of the brain. Areas that were dormant are activated, while other areas that have been hyperactive are deactivated. This opens the mind, allowing you to experience oneness and the reality of the cosmos.