Creation Stories – Hungary

In the beginning there was nothing but the sea and the heavens.the great heavenly father sits on his golden throne. His black robes are the sky, thousands of sparkling stars within. His wife, the great heavenly mother, sits beside him in her robes of white with thousands of sparkling stars. They have existed for all time, and will exist forever.

Their son, the Sun God Magyar, asks his father when they can create the world. The man thinks for a while, then agrees to create a world for humans to live. He sends his son into the depths of the ocean to seek out sleeping seeds and dreaming eyes with which to create the world.

Magyar turned into a golden diving duck, and then dove into the water. Time and time again he dove, yet couldn’t reach the bottom. For a time, he floated on the waves gathering his strength. He took a deep breath, and dived as deep as he could possibly go. At this time, he was successful. He scooped some of the sand from the bottom of the sea into his beak, and then shot upward.

The sleeping eyes awoke, the seeds grew, and the world was created.

The Holy Crown of Hungary. Courtesy Wikipedia.