Creation Stories – Australian Dreamtime

In aboriginal culture, the “dreamtime” explains the origin of the land and its people. Australian aborigines have been remarkably isolated in Australia, and it is believed that their cultural history extends back as far as 65,000 years. Dreamtime is not just an origin myth, it is the basis of all aboriginal religion and culture. It explains what happened before, how the universe was created, how mankind came to be, and what the Creator intends for us.

As with many cultures, the gods and goddesses could be kindhearted or cruel, depending on their personality.

To the aborigines, any meaningful activity or event that occurs will deposit a vibrational residue at that location, much as a seed will contain an image of the complete plant within. The forces that created the land – its rocks, mountains, riverbeds, and more – echoed the forces of creation. This spiritual beings who created our world have left their symbolic footprint everywhere on Earth.

Aboriginal shamans are responsible for recording and reciting the events in their history. Sky gods arrived thousands of years ago, providing mankind with the tools he needed. Interestingly, these initiation accounts are very similar to modern day accounts of UFO contact and abduction.

Dreamtime Story – Earth Dying and Reborn
Long ago, the earth was dark and silent. In a deep cave, the Sun in the form of beautiful woman slept. The Great Father Spirit woke her and urged her to bring life to the land.

The Sun Mother crossed the land from north to south and east to west. Wherever her rays touched the earth, plants sprung forth. Insects and reptiles, slumbering for many years, were awoken and released into the world. As the snakes moved along, they created rivers which soon were filled with fish and other water life. The Sun Mother awoke the rest of the animals, giving them the earth as their home.

The Sun Mother created the seasons. She warned all life that changes would occur – from cold to hot, from wet to dry, and back again. She then departed to the west, sinking below the horizon. The darkness spread, and all the people and animals huddled together fearfully. Several hours later, the sun rose in the East, bringing light and warmth once again. By making this journey daily, the Sun Mother allowed people and animals to rest every day.

Australian aborigine, circa 1911. Courtesy Wikipedia.