Creation Myths

A creation myth is a story that describes how the Earth, life, and humanity came into being. In these myths, a supreme being uses supernatural powers to deliberately create everything in the universe.

While each different culture celebrates their creation in their own way, many of their stories share similarities. There are four common motifs, and countless others which are less common. Often, these stories explore how order came from primordial chaos. Stories also deal with male and female gods separating from one another; land rising up from the ocean; or creation out of nothingness.

Certain religious groups, especially fundamentalist Christians, insist that their creation myths are the accurate ones. Therefore, these accounts should replace conventional scientific wisdom on evolution in the development of the Cosmos. There has been much controversy over the assertion.

The phrase creation myth has unfortunately been used to denigrate others for their belief in such stories; the word myth likewise suggests that something is fictional. These stories are not necessarily an honest account of events that actually happened. Rather, the stories share ideas with more symbolic meanings to the peoples of a specific culture. By this definition, creation myths are not necessarily based in religion, and therefore may have a place in modern secular cultures.