Creation Myths of Europe

An ancient bird flew over the sea, seeking a safe place to nest and lay eggs. Wherever she searched, there was nothing but water. Finally, she found a dry spot – perhaps an island, or a boat, or even a floating body part. She made her nest and laid her eggs, but her platform was unstable. A large wave broke the eggs. The yolk became the sun, while other parts of the egg formed the sky and mother Earth.

The first human was born of an air maiden, impregnated by the sea. This first man, Vainamoinen, planted forests and started human culture.

Classical Greece
In the beginning was Chaos, who gave birth to the Earth, Gaia; the underworld, Tartarus; desire, Eros; the darkness of night, Nyx; and the darkness of the underworld, Erebus.

Gaia created the starry sky, Ouranos, to cover her and the rest of the earth. Together, they bore many children, including the youngest, Cronos.

After Cronos castrates Ouranos, he goes on to marry Rhea. Together, they bear many children, including Zeus, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and more. Zeus and his brothers overthrow Cronos, then draw lots to divide the kingdom. Zeus got heaven, Haiti’s got the underworld, and Poseidon got the sea. Since the Earth’s rulership was being contested, nobody got to rule it.

In the beginning was ice to the north, and fire to the south. Between them was a large gap. In this gap, fire and ice met and formed Ymir, the giant, and his cow, who’s milk sustained him. His cow fed by licking the ice, and uncovered a man named Buri.

In time, both Ymir and Buri fathered sons. Buri’s grandsons killed Ymir, and in the resulting flood of blood, Ymir’s offspring died. Ymir’s grandson managed to survive.
Buri’s grandsons Odin, Ve, and Vili created the universe out of Ymir’s body – his flesh became dirt, his bones became mountains, and his brains were scattered across the sky as cloud.

Four dwarves hold Ymir’s skull, supporting the heavens. the first human beings had all died in the flood; Odin and his brothers used two pieces of driftwood to create Ask and Embla, the new race of humans.