Creation Myths of Africa

The Abaluyia believed that man was created so that the sun could showing on him. Plants and animals were created by God, as was woman, all placed on the earth for man’s amusement. In essence, God created the world solely for man.

This Bantu Tribe of Central Africa believes that in the beginning there was nothing but the great God Bumba, living in water and darkness. Bumba had pains in his belly. He vomited, and out came the sun. The warmth from the sun caused water to evaporate, producing land. Bumba was still in pain. He vomited again, and out came the moon, the stars, and many animals. The last to be vomited up was man. One of the first men, Yoko Lima, had white skin like his God.

The Bushmen believe that men once lived underground, peacefully coexisting with all the animals. Although there is no sun, it was always light, and life was good.

Kaang, the Great Master and Lord of All Life, lived underground with them. He created a most amazing tree with branches that spread over the whole country. He double hole at the base of the tree, extending it all the way to the underground world. Once he finished with the world, he brought the first man up to see it. All the people and animals followed, excited to see this brave new world.

Kaang instructed all the people and animals to live together in peace. He warned the people to avoid fire, which would bring a terrible evil. They promised, and Kaang retreated to a secret place where he could watch.

As evening approached, the sun set and people were afraid. They couldn’t see in the dark, and were also cold. In desperation, they lit a fire. Soon they could see each other again and were warm.

The animals became frightened of the fire, and fled. Since that time, people lost the ability to talk to the animals. Now fear has replaced friendship.

The Bushmen of Africa believe that spirits are in everything – plants, animals, the wind, Spring, and more. We see only the outer form, but are unable to see the spirit. Spirits can fly from one body into another, departing the human form and entering the body of an animal. For this reason, and for many more, animals are an important part of Bushmen worship.

This Nigerian tribe believes that the Creator, Abassi, made the first two humans, a man and a woman. However, he would not allow them to live on earth. The Creator’s wife, Atai, convinced him to allow the man and woman to live on the earth. Abassi insisted that they eat their meals with him, preventing them from hunting or growing their own food. There were also forbidden to procreate. Over time, the woman learned how to grow food in the fields. The food she produced fed them well, and they stopped dining with Abassi. The man began to help, and soon there were children.

Abassi was angry at his wife, Atai. To make up for it, she introduced death and discord to the earth, keeping people in their place.

Bushmen of Africa. Courtesy Wikipedia.