Color Therapy

Colors are wavelengths of light. Differing wavelengths give different colors. The rainbow spectrum, easily remembered by the mnemonic Roy G. Biv, is comprised of various colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Each color represents different notions, based on chakra color charts.

The color red is energetic and powerful. It has powerful healing qualities, and can aid in circulation, cancer, and healing the wounds. It can also help with depression. Do not use red for those who are anxious or have high blood pressure. Too much red can cause agitation and aggression. Add a red carpet or a wall to your business to attract money; if you are in sales, wear red.

Orange is a great color to boost your immunity and sexual potency. It will help relieve the symptoms of digestive ailments and kidney diseases. If used lightly, it can have a gentle warming effect; be warned that, like orange, this is not a good color for those who are nervous, anxious, or easily agitated.

Yellow helps you think more critically and clear your head. It is a great color for mental stimulation. It is helpful in clearing up dermatitis and other skin problems.because it is so stimulating, use it carefully to avoid depression and exhaustion.

Green is the color of healing, of calm and balanced emotion. It is also the color of alchemy, of consciousness spiraling between realms. Place a green healing color around ill family members to help them recover.

Blue is electric energy. It is the color of serenity and harmony, perfect for protection and reconstruction. It will help reduce fever, stop bleeding, and reduce nervousness. However, too much blue can make people feel depressed and cold.

Purple is a color for spiritual connection and self-awareness. It soothes nervous problems and mental anxiety. It also helps with epilepsy and rheumatism. Purple has great pain-reducing qualities, and is used to heal bones and deep tissue.

White light is filled with all the colors of the rainbow. It represents purity, peace, and comfort at the highest level. It is often connected with innocence and cleanliness. In our culture, it may represent joy; in Chinese culture, it is the color of mourning. The Druids used it as the color of baptism.

Semi-circle double rainbow (second one is barely discernible) in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska. Courtesy of Wikipedia.