Cloud Scrying

Anyone who has watched clouds can attest to the way they change and unfold, providing fascinating patterns for us to view. It is no surprise then to discover our ancestors depended on those clouds to determine the future.

Throughout history, cloud scrying has been used to divine the future. As Emperor Constantine marched against the Roman army in 312 B.C., he saw a shining cross within the clouds. Upon the cross were written the Greek words, “By This, Conquer”. Constantine and his army saw this as a guarantee of victory. Christ himself appeared to Constantine in a dream. He ordered Constantine to develop a new military standard, one that included the cross. Constantine did so, and his badly outnumbered army thrashed the Romans, emerging victorious.

The preferred clouds were cumulus clouds, those light, puffy clouds of summer. These clouds brought messages from the heavens down to the humans of the earth, helping them to divine the future.

Today, modern cloud scryers still keep an eye on the cloud formations for hints to the future. Unlike their ancient counterparts, scryers today have the advantage of observing the clouds from the ground or through the window of a jet. Next time you fly away, take some time to observe the clouds forming around you – you might just receive messages from your spirit guide!

A cumulus cloudscape over Swifts Creek, Victoria, Australia. Courtesy Wikipedia.