Chemtrails and Contrails

Contrails refer to the long wispy white trails seen behind highflying jets. To science, they are a product of weather conditions. To conspiracy theorists, many of these contrails are actually chemtrails, harmful chemicals being dumped on an unsuspecting population.

This is not to confuse chemtrails with crop-dusting, aerial firefighting, or cloud seeding. Among conspiracy theorists, chemtrails are believed to be dumped by high altitude aircraft for an illicit purpose. Believers accuse chemtrails of modifying the atmosphere, beating in biological warfare and mind control, or generally supporting a New World Order.

Believers point to the unusual appearance of chemtrails as proof that they are no ordinary contrail. Chemtrails are said to be thicker, often laid down in grid patterns, parallel lines, and cross hatches. The chemtrail will expand over time rather than dissipating, causing mares’ tails and other similar-looking clouds.

While conspiracy theorists argue over the purpose of chemtrails, skeptics assert there is no such thing. Groups like the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, among others, have studied the issues surrounding chemtrails. To them, chemtrails don’t exist, and there are only ordinary contrails up there. The number of people that would be required for this cover-up staggers the imagination.

There are a number of reasons why chemtrails are unlikely. High-altitude jets routinely travel above 30,000 feet. At this altitude, the winds are powerful. Releasing a spray at this altitude would make it almost impossible to track, while the winds would render the whole experiment unpredictable.

If these chemtrails are being introduced to drug the population, it seems an expensive choice. Not only would it be very expensive, but inefficient as well. Drugging the water supply would be a superior method.

If high-altitude jets are being used to spray the population with various chemicals, the size of the cover-up is indeed staggering. Aviation employees, control towers, airlines, military personnel, meteorologists, and atmospheric scientists would all have to be sworn to secrecy. Aircraft undergo routine maintenance and inspections, broadening the conspiracy further. Is it possible for hundreds, even thousands, of people in this country alone to keep a secret of this magnitude?

In the end, skeptics point to the loud denials of government officials who say no such spraying ever occurred. The believers use those same denials to back their case, saying those denials are only to be expected.