Channeling is one method of accessing the higher planes. It gives us the chance to communicate with higher beings, learning as we move towards a higher state of consciousness.

When you channel, you are tuning into a frequency of the universe. The entities you channel depend on the frequency you are emitting or tuning in. This is only one tool used in gaining wisdom and learning to receive higher frequencies; other tools are available as well. Use the ones that work best for you.

Through history, there have always been psychics and mediums, seers who would bring messages from the ether. Even now, channelers help people to move forward through personal sessions designed to increase spiritual awareness. Mediums also act as intermediaries between those living in this world and the spirit world.

To access this power, channelers use many techniques, depending on personal preference. Some go into a trance, allowing the spirits to enter the body and “speak” through the medium. Others use tools like pen and paper or a typewriter to relay messages.

The medium often works closely with a “spirit guide”, who brings other spirits or helps the medium communicate with those who have passed on.

You can access your spirit guide, who can help you through your life. Find a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to relax. Fix a question in your mind, and focus on it. Do not try to force a response. Instead, keep an open mind and simply listen. The first thing that “pops” into your mind is the answer.

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