This ancient art of divination seeks clues to the past, present, and future by using a mirror to capture the moonlight. According to tradition, the answers that you seek will appear in blood-red characters on the moon’s face in a reflection.

It is also known as enoptromancy and caloptromancy, and is related to the crystal gazing that was practiced by Greeks and Romans alike.

In a related technique used in medicine, a mirror or similar lens was suspended over a pool of water by a thread. It was then gently lowered until the base just touched the water’s surface. The diviner would then pray and burn incense. The image reflected in the mirror was studied – if the image looked healthy, the patient was sure to recover. If the image was sickly, the patient was doomed to die. This divination was practiced by the ancient Greeks.

Ancient Romans used special diviner is called “blindfolded boys”. These boys gazed into looking glasses and other mirrored surfaces, seeking visions. It is said that the death of Julian the Apostate was predicted by these “blindfolded boys”.

Moonlight. Courtesy Wikipedia.