Body Scanning

Anyone who grew up with a great TV show Star Trek is familiar with the tricorder, a handheld medical scanning device that allowed doctors to detect illness without resorting to invasive procedures. People dream of magical scanners that can identify every bodily ailment, then cure them immediately.

While the electronic miracle of Star Trek may be out of our grasp, holistic healers scan the body subtly, without resorting to an electronic gadget.

Some healers work with auras. They study the aura, seeking holes or dark spots that could indicate a problem. To practice seeing auras, a result of a person’s energy, placed them against a white wall and simply observe for a few minutes. Over time, you will be able to see the energies in the form of colors. Some are also able to see auras psychically.

Many healers use their hands, sweeping them across the body to scan for problems. It is not necessary for the hands to touch a person. The healer seeks changes in energies, which are indicated by hot and cold areas which show where energy is not flowing correctly.

Pendulums are often used in body scanning. An erratically swinging pendulum is caused by a breakdown in the energy flow. Healers can then use this information to restore the proper flow. To use a pendulum for body scanning, start at the crown chakra located at the top of the head. As you move slowly downward, each chakra will cause the pendulum to move in a different direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. If the pendulum swings in straight lines rather than in circles, it is still acceptable so long as each chakra causes the lines to reverse. If the pendulum is confused, your life energies are not flowing correctly and need to be repaired.

As with all psychic skills, some practitioners are better than others. With long practice and training, you can develop the self-confidence needed to provide accurate readings using body scanning.