Black Pearl

Long ago, in a faraway magical kingdom, lived Princess Tenskwatawa. She was a kind and loving person.

As she walked in the forest one day, she was startled by a magician. He warned her of an evil sorcerer that would visit the kingdom. To protect the kingdom, the magician gave her magical powers, warning that the evil sorcerer would come to challenge her. The princess gladly accepted, promising to use her power and wisdom to protect her people.

For some time, life went on as usual. Her subjects lived peacefully. But it was not to last.

As foretold, the evil sorcerer came to town. Using his evil powers, he brought death and destruction to the land. The villagers ran to Princess Tenskwatawa seeking help, but were not fast enough. The sorcerer had already arrived.

When he saw the power, beauty, and light that the princess exuded, he was overcome with the desire to dominate and control her. He ordered the princess to teach him to change reality using the geometry of creation. “Do what I say, or the villagers will die,” he roared. Princess Tenskwatawa had no choice but to submit.

Under the sorcerer’s rule, joy and peace were replaced by anger, fear, and hopelessness. Still, he sought more power.

Tenskwatawa stalled for time, telling the sorcerer that she needed time to create the illusion. He gave her six days to find the secret.

For five days, the princess racked her brain, seeking to defeat the sorcerer. Seeking inspiration, she walked to the ocean. The sound of the surf crashing about her brought a deep sadness. “What good are all these powers if I can’t save my people from the evil sorcerer?” she cried.

The ocean heard her call. With the next wave, an oyster appeared. Inside the shell was a perfect black pearl. The surface was deep and gleaming, and there appeared to be movement inside the pearl. Curious, she plucked it from the oyster and held it in her hand. Instantly, she was transported to a strange new land.

Rather than a black pearl, she now held a shining white ball of light, a white pearl. As she gazed in wonder, a white horse walked up to her.

As the horse approached, she offered a greeting. White Stallion replied politely, advising her that she was now in the land of anti-matter, where black becomes white, white becomes black. He offered to show his land to her, but she could think only of the evil sorcerer and the threats to her people.

In her heart, princess Tenskwatawa knew that she had been brought here for a reason. She was confused, but willing to try to understand the nature of matter and anti-matter. Somehow, she knew that this would help in her own quest. She climbed on the back of White Stallion, and they began to explore this strange new land.

As they wandered, it became apparent that everything was reversed. Black was white and white black, negative and positive were flipped upside down. White Stallion explained that in the land of anti-matter, light could not penetrate into the physical world that she knew, making this land invisible to her.

He went on to explain that the evil sorcerer had created chaos in this world, as he had done in the world of the princess. The sorcerer was now trapped in the world of matter, unable to return to the realm of anti-matter. If the princess taught him to change reality, the sorcerer would rule both lands, and hope would be lost.

The princess cried. How was she to bend the light of her own realm in order to rid the world of this evil man?

The White Stallion offered his assistance. He took her to a mirror-like opening, though which the princess saw herself in the land of matter. He explained that this Way Station allowed someone to view all realms simultaneously, and would help her to move between different realities.

In the physical world, people see only one reality. By learning to bend light, and teaching others to do the same, the princess would help her subjects to move past these limitations.

As they stood looking through the window, they saw the evil sorcerer rampaging through the kingdom, destroying its people and lands. Frantic to stop him, she clutched her white pearl tightly in her hand. She stepped through the gate, reappearing in the physical world. From this point on, she was on her own – the White Stallion was gone. She alone would have to fight, and win.

Clasping her precious pearl, she faced the sorcerer. He raised his hands, attacking her with rays of dark light. In defence, she raised her hands, using her energy to bend his light.

The rays reflected back at the sorcerer with a light so intense that he was moved from negative to positive. Dark and white light blended, balancing the sorcerer’s energies until he was no threat to anyone.

His balance restored, the sorcerer went on to help mankind. As a famous alchemist and magician, he used his magic in positive ways. Throughout history, he has been known by many names in different eras, and is always remembered for his contributions.

Princess Tenskwatawa learned a valuable secret that day, one that can help each of us reach our potential. She offers a Black Pearl to each of us. Through the pearl, we remember her efforts to merge matter and anti-matter, restoring balance to the universe.

Each of us can “bend the light”, finding balance in our lives. Like the princess, we need only find the courage to step forward in order to change our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Here is your very own black pearl, shown in the shell of the black-lipped pearl oyster. May it help you find balance and harmony in your life. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.