This is a popular method to access latent psychic powers in a group setting. You need to write a question on a piece of paper – this is called a billet. Don’t allow the rest of the group to see it; they will answer it psychically.

Since you are doing this as part of the group, have everyone take two sheets of paper and a pen. Each member will write a question on one piece of paper, ensuring that it can be answered with a simple yes or no. No one else may see the question.

Each person then folds their paper twice. Each one places a small doodle or scribble on the outside of the paper. They will need to know which paper is theirs at the end of the session, but nobody can know beforehand.

Collect all the ballots and place them in a bowl. Allow each group member to select one billet, ensuring it is not their own.

Once each person has a billet, they will keep it for 10 minutes. Each person will concentrate on their ballot, seeking any information or impressions. They write their impressions on the second piece of paper. Some people will want to hold the billet in the hand, or perhaps near the third eye. Eyes open, eyes closed – it doesn’t matter, so long as they are comfortable.

After 10 minutes, the group members stop writing. They write a final yes or no answer to the question, depending on their psychic impressions.

Each member of the group will then have the opportunity to discuss the impressions that they received. They would provide more detailed information than in their notes. After they read to their impressions and the question that had been asked, the questioner would be identified.

The messages you can receive using this methods can be incredibly accurate. You may not understand the message at first. However, keep your billets, and record the date for future reference. By reading through them at a later date, you may find that their predictions were startlingly accurate.

Madeline Breckenridge using a quill pen, between 1904-1920. Courtesy Wikipedia.