Automatic Writing

Automatic writing, also called spirit writing, occurs when a writer creates material unconsciously. While the writer is unaware of what is happening, their hand creates a message. The writer may be in a trance-like state, or may be aware but distracted from the actions of their writing hand.

Some psychologists believe that automatic writing can provide valuable insight into the writer’s mind. Freudian analysts like Pierre Janet, Morton Prince, and Anita analysed the words used, seeking insight into the unconscious mind of the writer.

The New Age movement used automatic writing as a means of channelling messages from other worlds. Helene Smith, for example, believed that Martians were attempting to contact Earth using her automatic writing as a conduit for communication.

The Surrealist movement was likewise influenced by spirit writing. Soon, automatic writing expanded to include automatic drawing, palimpsest, and word-marker games. Later, it was used by writers to overcome writer’s block and stimulate creativity. Likewise, doodling is a type of automatic writing.

Exactly where these messages come from is a mystery. Some believers claim that they can access higher realms and the spirit world, channelling messages from the Akashic record, lost civilizations, and spirit guides. Skeptics claim that any messages originate solely within the mind of the writer, with the subconscious guiding the words.

There are several reasons to try automatic writing. We may seek valuable insight into our personal life, with an aim to improving our current situation. Perhaps communication with someone on the other side can confirm a nagging suspicion in our minds. Whatever your reasons, you’re sure to be surprised by the results.

A couple of warnings before you continue – your emotional state may influence the entities that you attract. If you are experiencing emotional problems, you will “broadcast” a lower frequency which attracts lower-frequency entities. Likewise, if you are a drama queen (or king!), or are undergoing a lot of drama in your life, this may be a bad time to channel spirits through spirit writing.

To try automatic writing for yourself, first you need to choose a method of communication. Some people like to use a computer; others rely on the tried-and-true pencil and paper. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

Next, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Get ready to write – hold pen to paper, or place your hands on the computer keyboard. Now comes the tricky part – you need to disengage the rational, logical left side of your brain. Distract yourself. Watch TV, enjoy a lively conversation, read a book, listen to your favourite music, anything to keep your mind occupied.

You will find that your hands will do the work for you, without your control. The results depend on your need for control – the more control you are willing to give up, the better the results. Just relax and let things flow.

Don’t self-edit or try to control what appears on the page. If you are uncomfortable with the messages you receive, STOP! You may find doodles, symbols, and writing (which may be in an unfamiliar hand!).

As you continue practicing automatic writing, you can proceed from asking simple yes or no questions to asking personal questions. The universe doesn’t need to be nagged – ask your question once, then let it go. Accept whatever answer you get, and don’t go back over and over, seeking different answers.

Save your notes for later reference – they can be valuable references for the future. Remember, automatic writing gets easier as you gain in skill. You may be amazed at what you learn!