Identical “Triptych” Temples On Opposite Sides Of The Atlantic

Is This Stunning New Discovery The Most Powerful Archaeological Evidence Of Atlantis Ever Found?


Shared Mayan And Egyptian “Triptych” Temple Architecture Points To A Single Religion Shared Across The Atlantic

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A new discovery throws tremendous weight behind the ancient Atlantis theory.

Note the identical “Triptych Temples” below:

Ancient Mayan & Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Mayan
“Triptych” Temple
(c. 2000 BC to 250 AD)
Ancient Egyptian
“Triptych” Temple
(c. 3150 BC to 31 BC)

In both temples three sacred spaces or doorways form the entry. The center space is larger than the two flanking it.

Overall both temples depict a three-in-one pattern.

I call these temples and others like them “Triptych Temples” because they appear similar to the “Triptych” paintings of Europe’s Renaissance artists.

The presence of Triptych Temples on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean poses a dangerous and troubling question for academia.

It is a shared archaeological symbol, and it seems like both the Egyptians and the Mayans purposely designed their temples with Triptych facades.

Below are some examples of Triptych Temples built by the Mayans.

As you can see the Triptych was definitely not accidental; clearly it had a symbolic purpose in the minds of the ancient Mayans:

 eight mayan triptychs

 Eight Mayan Triptych Temples. Clearly, there was
a symbolic purpose behind this pattern, yet scholars
and Mayanists have failed to recognize this.

The phenomenon of Egyptian / Mayan Triptychs is fascinating.

It looks like the same architects and master masons built these temples on both sides of the Atlantic.

However, we know from basic history that this cannot be the case.

The question, then, is two-fold:

What is the link between these temples, similar in design yet separated by the Atlantic?

 Why and how do both temples exhibit the same parallel architecture, as if constructed by masons sharing a similar knowledge base?

 The construction of “Triptych” temples by the Mayans and Egyptians has not only escaped the attention of modern scholars, but also the attention of Victorian-era scholars, who studied these types of transatlantic parallels common to Old and New world civilizations.

Many Victorian scholars were absolutely fascinated by these cultural correspondences including:

-Zelia Nuttall (1857 – 1933)
-Jean Frederic (1766 – 1875)
-Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg (1814-1874)
-John Lloyd Stephens (1805- 1852)
-Dr. Augustus Le Plongeon (1826-1908)

These and other scholars studied Old World and New World parallels, such as pyramid-construction, elongated skulls, corbel arches, and mummification:

The great American archaeologist and anthropologist Zelia Nuttall was enthralled by Old & New World parallels:

“It will seem that the outcome of my researches corroborates the
opinions differently expressed by a long line of eminent investigators,
who have been constantly discovering and pointing out undeniable
similarities and identities between the civilization of both hemispheres.”

—Zelia Nuttall, The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations, 1901

Nuttall and many others were convinced that Old World cultures, like the Egyptians, and New World cultures, like the Mayans, must have been related in some way.

But how?

Some said Old and New World civilizations were able to cross the Atlantic.

But this theory is weak, due to the fact that no records exist of any transatlantic trade or warfare (i.e., among the Old World cultures like the Egyptians and New World cultures like the Mayans).

Others believed the similarities existed because the Egyptians, Mayans, and all the ancient cultures that surrounded and preceded them had inherited the same wisdom from the older lost civilization of “Atlantis,” so-named by the classical historians.

This theory states that the people of Atlantis built pyramids, practiced mummification, elongated the skulls of their children, and constructed corbel vault architecture.

The Atlantis civilization vanished, suddenly, cataclysmically, perhaps overwhelmed by a great Flood.

Groups of survivors, however, fled to different parts of the world, forming new cultures that eventually evolved into the Egyptians, Chinese, Maya, and so on.

For the Victorians, this Atlantis theory perfectly explained not only the similarities, but also the lack of contact—and lack of records of contact—between Old and New World cultures:

The Atlantis theory was abandoned in the 20th century, when a new wave of scholars declared that not enough evidence exists to support it.

Strangely, it has even become taboo in academic circles, a “fringe” theory, as some have called it.

However, this undeniable new Triptych discovery warrants a revival of the discussion for many reasons.

For one, the Triptych is not just a random aesthetic (visual) similarity; in my new book, Written In Stone, I set forth careful and detailed scholarly evidence that proves (in my opinion) that the Triptych symbolizes a profound “Universal Religion” that was shared across the ancient world, and that was especially visible among the pyramid-cultures:

Triptych Temples are clearly visible in the ruins of the pyramid-cultures.

Later in history this “Universal Religion” became the “Great Secret” of all the Secret Societies in the West, a fact indicated by the Triptych-shaped entrances to Secret Society headquarters:

All of this is, of course, a mere glimpse into the Triptych discovery and how it is multi-layered.

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