Astral Projection

Astral projection refers to an out-of-body experience in which the spirit leaves the body to travel in the spirit world. This state can be achieved by meditation, lucid dreaming, or near-death experiences. While there is no scientific evidence of astral projection, it is impossible to ignore the many accounts from believers who have experienced it firsthand.

Modern science does not accept the possibility of sensory perception without a physical body. For science, the senses are inextricably linked to each body, and cannot exist alone. Believers in astral projection, on the other hand, experience sights, sounds, and more while travelling in the astral plane. One travels from the physical world to the ether, then through the astral plane before passing through numerous other spirit worlds existing beyond the astral plane.

In astral projection, travellers go to a new land, one that is different from anything they’ve seen before. Often, they see details of the past or future. The Akashic records are here, ready to infuse travellers with wisdom. In this plane, time and space have no meaning.

Astral projection should not be confused with etheric projection. In etheric projection, the traveller remains within the physical world, moving around in an “etheric body” that is usually, though not always, invisible. In the etheric plane, there are no strange and unusual worlds, no wisdom or fantastical visions.

People experience out-of-body experiences (OBE), and the resulting astral travel, for a number of reasons. Some occur naturally, as with hypnosis. Other OBE are caused by near-death experiences, as with anaesthesia, suffocation, and accidents.

While scientists dispute the possibility of astral projection, many religions through the ages have shared their belief. References to astral projection crop up in the Jewish Kabbalah and Buddhist cosmology, in Hinduism and Sufism, and even the Rosicrucian texts.

Astral projection is alive and well in the modern era. References abound in popular culture, including TV series like Charmed and Smallville. The animated Jackie Chan Adventures has a Sheep Talisman which offers the power of astral projection – perfect to enter someone’s dreams or simply travel through the physical plane. Clearly, the interest in astral projection is still strong.

Many cultures have used astral projection to experience bold new worlds, develop wisdom, and travel beyond the physical world. Deep meditation, often used with guided imagery, can help you to access the astral world.