Aliens and Extraterrestrials

Aliens are life forms, usually intelligent, that do not come from Earth. Many ancient civilizations believed in extraterrestrial life, including the Syrians, Egyptians, Chinese, Sumerians, and Babylonians. So, do aliens exist? Are there extraterrestrials walking among us?

Over the centuries, mankind discovered not one but many solar systems, with millions and billions of planets. As more planets were discovered, the question arose. Are we alone in the universe? Or has life begun elsewhere, progressed beyond simple single cell organisms to develop into complex life forms, capable of thought.

At first, it was believed that extraterrestrials could live on the moon, or perhaps Venus or Mars. Since then, the moon has been ruled out; Venus and Mars show no signs of life. That has not stopped scientists from attempting contact.

Science has offered mixed results to the question of alien existence. While scientists have been unable to contact aliens, it is entirely reasonable to expect that aliens will have technology that is, well, alien. Our reliance on radio waves may seem painfully primitive to other species.

Improved equipment, along with information gleaned from space probes, allows scientists to determine “habitability criteria” for other worlds. This has confirmed the existence of other habitable planets. Aliens, however, remain elusive.

While science has been unable to confirm the existence of aliens, anecdotal evidence abounds. UFOs, or flying saucers, have been reported over many areas. Presumably piloted by aliens, these flying craft have caused confusion and fear. Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens, studied like common lab rats before being returned to their home. Others report the experience has been pleasant, soothing, and even transcendental.

There are many accounts of aliens visiting the earth throughout history. Approximately 12,000 years ago, according to legend, the “Dropa” (dwarf-like extra-terrestrials) landed near the Chinese Tibetan border. Since that early account, civilizations across the globe have reported flying disks and alien visitors.

Those who study aliens have found many different races, including Grays, Reptilians, and Nordics. Each race are said to have different origins and different motivations for visiting Earth. The four-foot tall Grays are most common in North America; Europeans are more likely to be visited by Nordic aliens — 12 feet tall, statuesque, and very attractive.

Scientists often disregard reports of aliens, believing these reports are exaggerated by those seeking fame and fortune. However, many intelligent and stable people have reported alien abductions. Victims who have undergone psychological counseling do not appear to be lying or crazy. In fact, many influential people claim to have had contact with aliens.

So do aliens exist? Perhaps we should look to the sky for answers. Perhaps the strongest argument for the existence of intelligent life elsewhere is the fact that they haven’t tried to make contact with us.

Purported UFO – photo taken by CIA employee. Courtesy Wikipedia.
The elusive Grey, courtesy Wikipedia.