Alien Contacts

Over the years, people have reported experiencing contact with alien life forms. These aliens arrive in UFOs, and are capable of contacting us physically, telepathically, or both.

To facilitate the contact, people need to open their awareness to higher frequencies. By doing this, they often also feel a surge of psychic ability.

Some who are contacted receive messages about the Earth. These messages focus on harmony and balance, birth and rebirth.

Some contactees have experienced ongoing relationships with these entities, while others have started with a physical encounter followed by many telepathic ones later. Often, people will draw pictures or keep diaries on their experiences. For many contactees, the connection with an alien entity links them to another dimension and new possibilities.

Throughout history, many cultures have speculated on alien entities. Archaeological evidence from cultures across the globe seem to show large eyed alien creatures, often wearing what appeared to be spacesuits and helmets. Western writers like Henry More and John Milton proposed the possibility of life on other planets as far back as the 1600s.

Since then, several alien species have been identified. By far the most common are the Nordics, the catlike aliens, and the gray aliens, although there are many other species.

Without more evidence, scientists are loath to accept the idea of alien contacts. For many scientists, the study of aliens is a ridiculous waste of time. However, the sheer number of reports, photos, and artwork dedicated to this topic throughout the years suggests that aliens may very well have appeared to early man, continuing through the ages to the present day. It is unknown why they watch us, or why they want to talk, but one thing is fairly certain: to this date, there are no known alien attacks on human beings. That is a very great consolation to anyone who has read the H.G. Wells classic War of the Worlds!

The Falcon Lake incident report filed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Stephen Michalak claimed incident with a UFO. Courtesy Wikipedia.