Alien Contact Experience

Many people claim to have experienced contact with extraterrestrials. They report that this contact may be telepathic or physical, sometimes both. Some even report feeling a bond with the aliens.

If a soul makes contact with you from another world, it is likely that they are simply a different aspect of your soul here in the physical world. This is done by channeling using telepathic communication.

Making the contact can be a challenge. It is important to adjust your frequency and open your psychic awareness to new frequencies. Many who do so report that the contact experience has improved their psychic abilities.

People who report alien contact insist that the aliens have come from specific planetary systems – the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and others. Some wore contacted receive messages about Earth, messages expected to affect the destinies of us all. These messages promise an era of harmony, love and light, and the rebirth of mankind as a new race.

Contactees may have more than one meeting, or may have one meeting in person followed by a number of telepathic communications. Some people will keep a diary of events to record what they have learned. Those with an artistic bent often include pictures images they have received telepathically.

While it may seem frightening at first, most contactees see this contact is a message of hope. It is proof that there are possibilities beyond our understanding, and worlds beyond the physical world that we know and understand. This is simply our soul’s method of looking beyond the basic three dimensions to something even bigger than we are.

Translation: this user believes in aliens and is waiting to be picked up. Courtesy Wikipedia.