Aeromancy is divination based on observing atmospheric phenomena. Aeromancy goes beyond weather forecasting to look at the shape and formation of clouds, comets, and falling stars; wind currents; and other phenomena rarely seen. From these visions, divination occurs.

Since the beginning of time, people have seen weather as reflecting the joy and rage of the gods. Therefore, it is no surprise that aeromancy is an ancient form of divination. The Babylonians and Etruscans in particular found these signs interesting. There are two gods associated with this form of divination: Tinia, the Etruscan lightning God, and Adad, the Babylonian God of thunder and lightning and prophecy.

Aeromancy takes many forms. Austromancy is a form of divination that considers the wind speed, direction, and intensite. Nephomancy interprets the movement of clouds in the heavens to divine the future. Thunder and lightning are used by ceraunoscopers to seek insight. But divination of this form is not limited only to meteorological phenomena on Earth – other forms seek insight based on comets, meteors, and shooting stars.

Modern aeromancers continue to seek wisdom from the skies, although they take a more introspective approach. For example, modern devotees of nephomancy meditate on Clouds. The random cloud formations, which change constantly, are an aid to meditation. Any symbols and images that are divined have significance to the viewer, and must be interpreted based on his or her past experience. Therefore, books of symbols are not consulted, as they refer to someone else’s experiences.